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High School Student Concurrent Enrollment Form

15 July 2011

High School Concurrent Enrollment Form

In accordance with California Education Code regulations, high school and pre-high school students may enroll as special part-time students by completing a “High School Concurrent Enrollment Form”which is also available at any of the four college admissions offices. Enrollment must be recommended by their principal, with parental consent and approval by the District Dean of Admissions & Records. Units earned may be used for high school credit or college credit, but not both. Special part-time students are exempted from paying the California Community College Enrollment Fee and Campus Center Use Fee.

A high school student who wishes to take an English, Math or ESL class must participate in Assessment.  A high school student whose high school counselor recommends that the student enroll in more than six units must have the approval of the Vice President of Student Services.  Click here for more information and steps about completing your High School Concurrent Enrollment. 


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