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Petition for Course Repetition

15 July 2011

Click here for the Course Repetition Due to Substandard Grade Form


Course Repetition Policy

You may repeat any course in which you received a grade of D, F, FW, NP, IP, W, or MW on your transcript.  If you retake the class and receive a “C” or better, you may petition to have the original grade, units and grade points not be calculated in the cumulative grade point average (GPA).  You should be advised that this is a procedure of the Peralta Community College District and MAY NOT reflect procedures of four-year institutions.

State regulations restrict the number of courses that you can repeat for credit, and the number of times that you can repeat them.  The college and the district comply with the state Title 5 regulations on course repeatability.

  • You may repeat a course two (2) times in an effort to alleviate substandard academic work.  Substandard academic work is a grade of D, F, FW, NP, or NC.
  • You may only repeat an activity course a maximum of three (3) times.  Activity courses include Physical Education, Theatre (performance), Dance, fine arts/studio arts, music (performance), etc.


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