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Petition for Credit By Examination

15 July 2011

Click here for the Petition for credit by examination form.

A registered student who is attending classes, is in good-standing (not on probation), and has completed at least 6 units at on of the Peralta Colleges may request by petition to take an equivalency examination in certain designated courses. (Confer with a counselor regarding these specific courses.) The petition, which may be obtained in the Admissions and Records Office, should be accompanied by evidence of knowledge or experience in the content of the course. Final determination of eligibility to challenge a course by examination is made by the Department Chairperson (or Instructor at College of Alameda) for the course involved.  Credit by examination may be accrued by a student up to a maximum of 15 units. Units earned will be recorded on a student’s record as a letter grade or CR as determined by each department and grading policy.  Students are not permitted to challenge by examination any course of lower level than a course previously completed.

Credit by examination is not part of a student’s current work load and cannot be counted toward the 12 unit residency, veteran’s benefits, financial aid, athletic eligibility, or similar purposes.

The approved course list is updated annually, confer with a counselor regarding any changes.

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