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Petition Form for AA/AS/Certificate

15 July 2011

Petition AA-AS Degree, AA-T-AS-T

Petition for Certificate

 AA/AS Degrees and Certificates

The Peralta Colleges issue Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees as well as Certificates of Achievement and Proficiency. Petition forms are available online and at the college Admissions and Records offices.

We recommend that you see a counselor prior to submitting a degree/certificate petition to ensure all requirements have been met or are in-progress. Official transcripts of any coursework completed outside the Peralta District must be on file prior to requesting an appointment for evaluation or attached to the petition form. See the Academic Calendar for deadline dates for petitioning for degrees and certificates.



Students’ catalog rights are based on continuous enrollment in any of the Peralta Colleges, excluding summer session. Students’ catalog rights include:

  1. The regulations in effect at the time that the student entered the college, provided the student has been in continuous attendance until the Degree/Certificate is awarded; OR
  2. The regulations current at the time the student reenters the major program and remains in continuous attendance until the Degree/Certificate is awarded; OR
  3. The regulations current at the time the student files and receives the Degree/Certificate.

*All students, regardless of the date of entering any one of the Peralta Colleges, must fulfill the General Education requirements specified in the 1991-93 or subsequent catalogs for the Associate Degree.

NOTE: While a course might satisfy more than one General Education requirement, it may not be counted more than once for this purpose (see exception for Ethnic Studies courses).  The withdrawal symbol (“W”) constitutes enrollment.


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