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Academic Renewal/Alleviation Form

17 February 2015

Click here for the Academic Renewal/Alleviation of Substandard Academic Performance Form

Academic Renewal Policy

It is possible for you to have a maximum two semesters or a maximum of 24 semester units of poor grades earned within the Peralta District colleges forgiven alleviated/forgiven and disregarded when computing your cumulative grade point average. To do this, you must legally petition to have your poor grades disregarded by submitting a completed “Academic Renewal/Alleviation of Substandard Academic Performance Form” to the Admissions & Records Office  on campus. You must meet the following conditions to be eligible for academic renewal:

a. A period of one year must have elapsed since the work to be alleviated was completed;

b. The student has requested the action formally and has presented evidence that work completed in the term(s) under consideration is (are) substandard and not representative of present scholastic ability and level of performance;

c. The student has completed at all Peralta Colleges, 15 semester units with at least a 2.5 GPA or better since the most recent work to be disregarded was completed. Work completed at an institution outside the Peralta District cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.

Please Note: When course work is forgiven, the permanent academic record shall be annotated in such a manner that all work remains legible, ensuring a true and complete academic history. Forms for filing under this policy may also be obtained from any of the Peralta Colleges Admissions and Records Offices.

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