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Auditing & Pass/No Pass Policy

15 July 2011


Auditing of classes is not permitted. No person is allowed to attend a class unless enrolled in that class.

Pass/No Pass Policy

In designated courses, students may elect to take the course on a pass/no pass basis, rather than receive a letter grade. This decision must be made prior to the fourth week of instruction (30% for short-term courses). Upon successful completion of a pass/no pass course, the student earns the specified number of units and the record will show “P” (which indicates a “C” grade or better). If the student’s work is unsatisfactory, the record will show “NP” (which indicates a “D” grade or below). All units of “P” will be counted in satisfaction of community college curriculum requirements, but will not be used in computation of GPA.

To edit the enrollment to pass/no pass:
  1. Go to to log in.
  2. In your Student Center click the “other academic” pull down menu and choose “Enrollment: Edit.” Then click the >>.
  3. Choose the class to modify  and click “proceed to step 2 of 3″ to change your class preference. 
  4. Then click the “Grading” pull down menu and choose “Pass/Not Pass”, click “next” and then follow the prompts to complete the action.
  5. Repeat for additional classes.

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