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Non-Resident Tuition

Non-Resident Tuition:

Students who are not legal residents of California for one year and one day prior to the first day of the term, or do not qualify for non-resident status known as “AB540,” will be charged non-resident tuition and fees as follows:


  • Effective Fall 2014 – Non-Resident Tuition – $213 per semester unit (non-resident students only)
  • California Community College Enrollment Fee – $ 46 per semester unit  (all students)
  • Campus Center Use Fee – $ 2 per semester, per campus  (all students)
  • AC Transit EasyPass Fee – $36 per semester ( all students enrolled in 9 or more units)
  • Health Fee – $18 per semester for Fall and Spring Semesters, $15 for the Summer term (all students)


Non-Resident Capital Outlay Fee:

In addition to the fees listed above, nonresident students who are both citizens and residents of a foreign country will be charged a Non-Resident Capital Outlay Fee of $ 6 per semester unit (maximum of $ 144 per year).

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