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Payment Options & Policies

Fee Information
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Payment Options & Policies


Payment Policy:

Students must pay all applicable fees no later than two (2) weeks before the beginning of the term. 

As a reminder, it is the student’s responsibility to drop classes for which he/she has decided not to take.

Students who add classes after this deadline are required to pay their fees immediately or a hold WILL be placed on the student’s account and the debt will be sent to collections.

It is the student’s responsibility to drop classes:

Dropping or withdrawing from a course is not an automatic process. It is the student’s responsibility to drop the classes he/she is not attending. If the student does not drop a class, he/she will be charged and could receive an “F” grade that will appear on their permanent record.

Payment Deadline:

Tuition and enrollment fees are due and payable at the time of registration, and each time you add subsequent classes.

Payment Options & Methods:


  • Online By Credit/Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard) in the Passport System
  • In-Person at the Cashier’s Office (see available locations below)
  • By Mail to any of the locations below (Check or money order payable to PCCD)


Installment Payment Plans:

Students in the Peralta Community College District may opt to pay their non-resident tuition or enrollment fee through an installment payment plan.  Students are required to pay at least the first $25 of their enrollment fee or non-resident tuition and complete an installment payment plan prior to enrollment in classes.  The payment plan will be interest free. 

The payment plan will include the specific amount and due date for each installment.  All of the payments will be completed within the term for which the enrollment is made.  Failure to make timely payments will subject the student to the penalties described in Board Policy 5035.  The payment plan will automatically adjust to display your current account balance if you should add or drop any courses from your class schedule. Refer to the list of Peralta District fees at the following link:

Foreign/international students are required to pay their health insurance fees and all fees for their first (1st) and second (2nd) semesters without a payment plan and are only eligible for a payment plan beginning in their third (3rd) semester.

Note:  Students or former students who have been provided with written notice that they have failed to pay a proper financial obligation shall have grades, transcripts, diplomas, and registration privileges withheld until such time as the obligation is satisfied.

Please feel free to complete the electronic PCCD Installment Payment Plan Contract (PDF) (Word Doc) and email it to or call (510) 466-7372 for more information.  The contract must be sent from your email address that we have on file in your account in order to be eligible for a payment plan.


Cashier Offices Contact Information & Locations:


Main Phone #

Cashier Phone #


Office Hours

Berkeley City College

2050 Center St. Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 981-2800

(510) 981-2842

1st Floor
Room 153

M, Tu, Th, F 8:30-4:30 

Wed. 8:30-6:30 pm

College of Alameda

555 Atlantic Ave. Alameda, CA 94501  

(510) 522-7221

(510) 748-2224


M 8am – 7pm

Tu-F 8am- 4pm

Laney College

900 Fallon St.

Oakland, CA 94607

(510) 834-5740

(510) 464-3130



8am – 4pm

Merritt College

12500 Campus Dr.

Oakland, CA 94619

(510) 531-4911

(510) 436-2402



8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

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