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High School Students

Peralta’s High School Special Enrollment  provides enrichment opportunities for high school students who can benefit from college level instruction. 

Each College may admit a number of high school students entering 9th grade or above who have exceptional ability, or who desire specialized or advanced training. Such admission must be with the recommendation of the high school counselor and principal. **Other high-school students may be admitted on the basis of a contractual arrangement between the District and the high school of attendance (PCCDBP 5010).

High school students enrolling in a college level course must meet assessment requirements. The student must follow all the regulations and policies of the college, including adhering to any prerequisite requirements. It is recommended that the student brings a high school transcript to assist the college in determining the correct level of courses.

Special part-time high school students are exempted from paying the California Community College enrollment fees and all other fees. High school students enrolled in more than 11.0 units are required to pay enrollment and all other mandatory fees (See the current Peralta Colleges class schedule for current health, campus use and transportation fees). 

The High School Special Enrollment is specifically designed to accelerate the academic or vocational career of high school students. Access to the Special Enrollment Program is NOT allowed for:

  • Remedial work (any classes in any discipline that are not college level and cannot be applied to an associate degree or higher). Remedial course numbers are 250 or higher.
  • Work to make up for failed high school or middle school classes.
  • Recreation or hobbies.
  • Any class that can be taken at the local high school.


Steps for High School Special Enrollment: 

STEP 1 – Peralta Application Process:
  1. Complete the Peralta Admissions Application. Once the application is completed please print or write down the confirmation number of the application.
  2. Read the class schedule and choose a course you would like to take. 
STEP 2 – High School Special Enrollment Program Form:
  1. Complete a High School Special Enrollment form and take it to your school counselor to obtain his/her signature and discuss your selection. The form must include classes recommended by your high school counselor. 
  2. Obtain your school Principal’s signature.
  3. Schedule an English, ESL and/or math assessment (placement test) only if the college pre/co- requisite course has not been completed.   Assessment results will be used by counseling faculty to help you choose your classes.  (Contact the Assessment Office on campus for schedule information).
  4. To enroll, submit the High School Special Enrollment form in person to the Admissions & Records Office on campus. You must fill out a separate form for each semester you wish to attend.
STEP 3 – Passport Student Center Page Activation:
  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Forgot password?” link and select “I don’t know my User ID”.  
  3. Enter the requested information in the pop-up window.
  4. Use the User ID and Password you are given in the log-in box. Please email if you are unable to log into the Passport System.
  5. Click the “Student Center” link.
  6. High school students are only allowed to drop classes and view personal information online in their PASSPORT Student Center Page
  7. High school students can only enroll in classes in person at the Admissions & Records Office on campus.

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