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Substandard Grade

21 November 2016

You may repeat any course in which you received a grade of D, F, FW, NP, IP, NC or W, on your transcript.  However, per Title 5 regulations*, the student can only repeat the course twice (thus can only take the course three times) to alleviate a substandard grade, or complete a course in which a “W” was received. The highest grade and units will be counted for transcript purposes. This is a procedure of the Peralta Community College District and may reflect procedures of four-year institutions.

*State regulations restrict the number of courses that you can repeat for credit, and the number of times that you can repeat them.  The college and the district comply with the state Title 5 regulations on course repeatability.

  • You may repeat a course two (2) times in an effort to alleviate substandard academic work (D, F, FW, NP, or NC) or received a “W”.  
  • You may only repeat an activity course a maximum of three (3) times.  *Activity courses include Physical Education, Theater (performance), Dance, fine arts/studio arts, music (performance), etc.

Administrative Procedure 4225 Course Repetition and Repeatable Courses

Exception- Special classes for students with disabilities [55040(b)(7)]

A student with a disability may repeat a special class for students with disabilities any number of times based on an individualized determination that such repetition is required as a disability-related accommodation for that particular student for one of the reasons specified in Title 5 section 56029. The previous grade and credit may be disregarded in computing the student’s grade point average each time the course is repeated. All prior work must remain legible on the student’s academic record to ensure a true and complete academic history. 

Follow the steps below to submit a request to repeat a special class:

  1. Complete a Course Repetition for Special Classes for Students with Disabilities form
  2. Obtain your DSPS Coordinator or Counselor Signature
  3. Submit the Course Repetition for Special Classes for Students with Disabilities  from in person to the Admissions and Records Office on campus
  4. If the request is approved, the Admissions and Records office at the college will register you for the course listed. This form will be retained by Admissions and Records and all necessary transcript actions will be completed once grades have been posted at the end of the term.

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    Saturday 18 November 2017
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