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Start here on this site for important benefits information updated frequently. For 24-hour access to additional benefit resources such as detailed benefits plan summaries and more, please visit the links below for Active or Retired employees:

  • If you are an active employee, click here if you want to view or download resources.
  • If you are a retired employee click here if you want to want to view or download resources related to your retirement status with Peralta.
 Back by popular demand-Understanding and Planning for Retirement dinner and seminar.

Thursday, October 2, 2014 @ Crogan’s Restaurant (Montclair District, Oakland)

During this Dinner Seminar information will be presented on the following topics:

What is the advantage of tax-deferred investing?

How do you use tax-deferred investing as a complement to your defined benefit annuity plan options through CALPERS and CALSTRS?

What are some of the new state laws affecting CALPERS and CALSTRS?

What are the differences between 403(b) and 457(b) plans?

This workshop  is open to all active Peralta employees and is hosted by Teachers Pension & Insurance Services.

Click here to RSVP:

New Employees may especially benefit from this opportunity. 

Fall 2014 Part Time and Hourly Faculty Members Benefits Enrollment!!!
As a temporary or part-time faculty member you may be eligible for participation in the District’s medical, dental, flexible benefit plans enrollment based on your past part-time teaching load. Please download and print the following documents in PDF format which are required for enrollment/re-enrollment in the benefit plans.

  • Current coverage is due to end Sunday, August 31, 2014.
  • For continuous, uninterrupted coverage, enrollment is REQUIRED for all Part Time and Hourly Faculty employees by Tuesday, September 23, 2014.
  • New Enrollees – Enroll by Tuesday, September 23, 2014or within 30 days of loss of coverage under another plan.

Enrollment Downloads:

pdf_small.gifFall 2014 Part-Time & Hourly Faculty Open Enrollment Announcement
Fall 2014 Part-Time & Hourly Faculty Open Enrollment Forms Packet

  • Benefits Enrollment Checklist
  • Part-Time & Hourly Faculty Enrollment Form
  • Eligibility Affidavit
  • Required Documentation Matrix
  • FAQ – Benefits & What to Expect After Enrollment

(ALL PAGES contained in this document MUST be completed and submitted to the District Benefits Office no later than Tuesday, September 23, 2014)

pdf_small.gif2014 Flexible Spending Accounts Enrollment Form
pdf_small.gif2014 Commuter/Parking Expense Plan Enrollment Packet

pdf_small.gif2014 Peralta/PFT Successor Agreement

Click Here to View/Print Schedule of Events

Voluntary Long-Term Care Insurance Workshops

Just as a successful movie is bound to have a sequel, Peralta CCD is rolling out the welcome mat for the Long-Term Care Insurance sequel! This newly designed program features ‘Unisex Rates’, and simplified underwriting.* Premium discounts are back for employees and family members!** The Spring 2014 Employee and Retiree Survey responses indicate that there is interest in exploring long-term care benefits again! Learn about your options.

Reserve a seat at a workshop on Sept. 15, 16, 29, 30 or Oct. 01!

It is as easy as 1-2-3! Call to make an appointment for yourself and your spouse/partner. Call toll free 866-710-2893 x118 or go to to reserve your workshop seat or to schedule a personal consultation appointment!

In an effort to increase its outreach efforts and to improve on-site services, representatives from the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) will be delivering specialized workshops to Peralta employees during pre-Professional Development Day activities on Wednesday, October 1 2014. These workshops are for Peralta employees enrolled in the Cash Balance plan and/or Defined Benefit plans.

PCCD District Offices
Board Room
333 East 8th Street;
Oakland, CA 94606



11:00am: Cash Balance Participants (Kevin Dunn, CalSTRS Representative)

  • You have needs that differ from those of full-time educators. We understand this and designed the Cash Balance Benefit Program with you in mind.

12:00 pm: Defined Benefit Members (Rod Chiu, CalSTRS Representative)

This workshop describes the basics of CalSTRS as the foundation of your personal retirement planning. You will learn:

  • The defined benefit formula
  • Ways to increase your benefit
  • CalSTRS benefits available to you.

1:00 pm: CalSTRS Pension2 (John Schiffler, CalSTRS Representative)

Your CalSTRS Defined Benefit will replace only a portion of your current salary. Need more for retirement? CalSTRS has a plan to get you to your goals. You can set aside extra money into a low-cost and flexible supplemental savings program. Learn more about 403(b), 457, and 403(b) Roth accounts.

No advanced registration with CalSTRS is required to attend these workshops. Come and bring a friend. If you are not sure if you have Contributed to CalSTRS through Peralta or other employment, contact CalSTRS directly at 800 228 5453 or online at

These events are proudly sponsored by the Peralta District Benefits Office.

Retirement Planning Workshop

Back by Popular Demand! Thursday, October 2, 2014, Teacher’s Pension & Insurance Services is resuming its dinner workshops on retirement planning. Last spring, several dinner workshops were warmly accepted and proved informative for those who attended. Click Here to schedule your seat via the website.


 Tax-deferred 403(b) & 457 Plan – 2014 Updates

New Limits

 2014 Calendar year contribution limits to each plan, the  403(b) and the 457 plan are have increased to $17,500. Other limits may apply. Check with your financial planner or tax consultant for limits appropriate to your circumstances.

New Website 

MidAmerica is the tax-deferred plan administrator for the tax-deferred plan employee contributions since 2011 and has launched a new website for your use.

 You are encouraged to use this website to get current information on:

  • vendor choices (where do you want to invest?)
  • forms routing (where do you send your salary reduction agreement forms for processing?)
  • acquiring signatures on your transactions (how do you obtain a district signature on loan and/or distribution forms?)

 (Effective December 1, 2011, MidAmerica Administrative & Retirement Solutions, Inc. (MidAmerica)  became our third-party administrator for the Peralta tax-deferred 403(b) and 457 plans. Voluntary deferrals, distribution, loan, transfer & exchange approvals are now being handled through MidAmerica.)

  1. Salary Reduction Agreements (SRA’s) to affect a change to your enrollment in either the 403(b) or 457 Plan are  due by the end of the month to effect the following month’s tax deferrals. So, to effect the January 31, payroll. Salary Reduction Agreement Forms are due to MidAmerica by December 31, 2011. Routing instructions are on the SRA form.
  2. Distribution/loan requests and rollover forms requiring District authorization should now be directed to Mid America with the Transaction Routing Form noted below:
  3. 403(b)  & 457 Transaction Routing Form
    • US Mail: 402 South Kentucky Avenue, Suite 500; Lakeland, FL 33801
    • Fax: 877 513 2272
    • Phone: 866 873 4240
    • Weblink:
  4. Contact your personal financial planner or tax advisor for counselling or you may also contact ZUK Financial Services at (800) 660-6291 extension 105.
  • MidAmerica is the current vendor of the Accumulation Program for-Part Time and Limited-Service Employees  (APPLE) Plan. For concerns regarding the APPLE contributions, contact MidAmerica at 800 430 7999.


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