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College of Alameda wins 1st place in California Auto Body Association Model Truck Competition

20 November 2014



College of Alameda’s Auto Body and Paint Department won 1st place at the 16th Annual Toys for Tots Model Truck competition. Congratulations to our Auto Body students, instructors and staff!

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    Student Spotlight – Marie Beunaiche, College of Alameda

    17 November 2014

    Student Spotlight: Marie Beunaiche

    Meet Marie Beunaiche, returning student who made the leap from a job with no opportunities to following her goal of working in aviation maintenance. The Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) Program provides an opportunity for students to gain the skills needed to work in a number of Airframe and/or Powerplant (A&P) careers. Conveniently located in a well-equipped facility adjacent to the Oakland International Airport.

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      International Education Week at the Peralta Colleges, November 17-21

      13 November 2014

      IEW FlyerA celebration and promotion of International Education and Exchange. For more information contact Thomas Torres-Gil at or call (510) 587-7835.

      The Office of International Education is celebrating International Education Week!  This week long celebration from Monday, November 17-Friday, November 21 is a joint initiative supported by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to recognize the global exchange environment between the United States and other countries. International Education Week is a celebration and promotion of international education and exchange.

      Throughout the week, the Office of International Education will be hosting a variety of events at each of the four PCCD colleges, including a Peace Corps Panel, a Study Abroad Panel and an International Student Panel.  Please come out to learn about how you can become involved with international education!

      Like us on Facebook:
      International Students Website:
      Study Abroad Information:

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        Peralta News – Aviation Maintenance at College of Alameda

        14 October 2014

        Academic Excellence: Aviation Maintenance

        Always wanted to work with planes? Through the College of Alameda you can! The Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) Program provides an opportunity for students to gain the skills needed to work in a number of A&P careers. Conveniently located in a well-equipped facility adjacent to the Oakland International Airport.

        Certificates, Degrees, and Licenses

        Certificates of Achievement – You can choose a path in either Airframe or Powerplant mechanics, and will receive a Certificate of Achievement in your pathway when you have passed all of the course requirements.

        A.S. Degree – Students can graduate with an A.S. in Aviation Maintenance Technology with the completion of the General Education coursework in addition to the AMT coursework.

        FAA Licenses – The courses are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and will also prepare you to take the FAA exams. Passing the coursework and the appropriate exams will qualify you for an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic License as well as a General Radiotelephone License.

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          Workshop and Job Fair at College of Alameda, October 11 & 15

          9 October 2014

          jobThe City of Alameda is hosting a Job Readiness Workshop on Oct. 11 and Job Fair Oct. 15. For more information call (510) 748-2208 or to register click here.

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            Scholarship Workshops at College of Alameda, Laney College and Merritt College, October 3, 6 & 7

            1 October 2014

            Scholarship Workshops


            Peralta Colleges Foundation

            With our on-line scholarship application process it is easier than ever to apply for multiple scholarships all with one application! For assistance with the application process feel free to come by one of our workshops, and bring any of your scholarship application questions!


            What: Laney Scholarship Application Workshop

            When: Friday, October 3, 2014 3pm – 5pm

            Where: Laney College Rm: F-170 C


            What: Merritt Scholarship Application Workshop

            When: Monday, October 6, 2014 12pm – 2pm

            Where: Merritt College Rm: L-132


            What: College of Alameda Scholarship Application Workshop

            When: Tuesday, October 7, 2014 12pm – 2pm

            Where: College of Alameda Rm: L-202


            Deadline to Apply: October 13, 2014 

            Visit our website at


            Please remember your deadline for Classroom Enrichment Grants

            is the next day Tuesday, October 14, 2014, so act now!

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              UC Transfer Admission Workshop at College of Alameda, October 27

              1 October 2014

              UC Admission Workshop F14

              In Room A225 Monday, October 27 at 12-1 p.m. Reserve your spot today and call (510) 748-2209 or for more information go to

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                Flu Shot Available at the Peralta Colleges, October 15 & 22

                1 October 2014


                Paid by Student Health Fee

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                  Work Toward Your Dreams at College of Alameda, English as a Second Language (ESL)

                  7 September 2014

                  College of Alameda ESL Video

                  English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor Dr. Popal, with the help of other ESL faculty, staff, administrators and students at College of Alameda put together a fantastic video showcasing our ESL department. Check out the video to see what faculty and our students are saying about the ESL program at College of Alameda.

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                    P-SPAN – 2014 Graduation Coverage

                    17 July 2014

                    Berkeley City College Graduation: May 22, 2014

                    P-SPAN #378: Berkeley City College Graduation 2014


                    College of Alameda Graduation: May 23, 2014

                    P-SPAN #376: College of Alameda Graduation 2014


                    Laney College Graduation: May 24, 2014

                    P-SPAN #379: Laney College Graduation 2014


                    Merritt College Graduation: May 21, 2014

                    P-SPAN #377: Merritt College Graduation 2014


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                      Extended Interim Appointment for President Gravenberg

                      16 July 2014

                      Dr. Eric V. GravenbergAt its regular Board meeting on July 15, 2014 the Peralta Board of Trustees voted unanimously to extend the interim appointment of Eric V. Gravenberg as President of the College of Alameda through June 30, 2015 or until the position is filled permanently.

                      The District will begin a national search for the next President of the College of Alameda. It is anticipated that the selected candidate will begin January 2015.

                      During the past year, one of President Gravenberg’s major accomplishments was stabilizing the operational structure of the college by hiring permanent managers and filling vacant positions. His primary goal is cultivating a climate of respect, trust, and collaboration by establishing additional avenues for communication such as Colleagues in Conversation, which encourages a campus-wide dialogue on topical issues, and establishing drop in office hours to ensure that he is accessible to the campus community.  He has implemented programs that recognize classified staff for exemplary service to the college community, and fostered student participation in campus life. These actions have created a cohesive leadership team, increased morale and improved overall productivity.

                      Additionally, President Gravenberg provided leadership for Institutional Self-Evaluation by meeting with constituent groups to solicit faculty and staff participation, and assigning a faculty member to work with academic departments to strengthen SLOs.

                      Especially noteworthy, is that he expanded equity efforts and supported student success through the implementation of initiatives such as Alameda Promise, and The Brotherhood – A Men of Color Initiative.  President Gravenberg also co-authored the successful Community College Pathway application to the California State Bar.  College of Alameda was one of 24 California Community Colleges selected for this innovative initiative.

                      Of the appointment, Peralta Colleges Chancellor Dr. José M. Ortiz said, “I am pleased President Gravenberg has agreed to delay his retirement and continue to provide exceptional leadership as the College of Alameda prepares for accreditation, plans for major construction of new facilities, implements programs to meet the mandates of the Student Success Act, and to stay attentive to addressing the myriad of challenges that lay ahead.”

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                        New Student Trustees Sworn-In

                        11 June 2014


                        Two new student trustees were sworn-in last night at the Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees meeting. Board President Abel Guillén, center, administered the oath of office to Jeramy Rolley, left, who has been active in the College of Alameda (COA) community, and Carl Oliver, right, who has been active at Laney College. Both co-trustees represent all students from the four Peralta Colleges. Their terms end 5/31/2015.

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                          College of Alameda’s EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs Graduates

                          3 June 2014

                          EOPS.CARE.CALWORKS.2014.GRADUATING CLASS

                          On Wednesday, May 22, 2014, the College of Alameda celebrated the achievements of the EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs graduates.  The EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs class of 2014 is comprised of 76 students who will graduate, transfer and/or receive a Certificate of Completion.

                          This is a phenomenal class as the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 COA scholarship winners, as well as the Jack Kent Cook Foundation scholarship awardee, were overwhelming EOPS/CARE and/or CalWORKs students  – all of whom graduated with higher or highest honors. 

                          Councilmember Desley Brooks was the keynote speaker; and all of the COA administrators were present to congratulate the honorees. 

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                            Outstanding Grads of the Class of 2014: Meet Randi Elaine Stewart

                            29 May 2014

                            Randi Elaine Stewart

                            Randi Elaine Stewart graduated from College of Alameda last week and will be attending Cal State East Bay this coming fall.

                            Of her experience, she writes, “After an 8-year career in the corporate world, in October of 2010, I decided to return to school and obtain an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. Although I did exceptionally well in both Bus 1A and 1B, I determined that working in this field was not something I wanted to pursue.  It was when I took Physical Geography at the College of Alameda that I discovered what truly interested me. Ever since, I have been captivated by the mechanisms of the Earth and have yearned to obtain a better knowledge of the planet and its rapidly changing systems. I immediately changed my major to Geography and am intending on using this education to obtain a career that involves environmental work or the use of Geographical Information Systems.”

                            “My goal is to work outdoors in a field where my research and development will contribute to the preservation our planet’s natural resources,” Randi says. And she is well on her way, attending CSU East Bay as Geography major.

                            Randi is a CalWORKs student who has maintained two work-study positions (working 25-30 hours per week) while concurrently enrolled in 12 units and maintaining a 3.79 GPA.  Randi is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.   In addition, the college scholarship committee selected Randi to receive the 2014 $500 Follett Bookstore Scholarship Award.

                            As a single mom on welfare, Randi writes, “I know firsthand the hardships that accompany the pursuit of higher education. I found my path and was able to enroll in school and pursue a career in Geography; however it was not an easy task. During my entire academic career, I have struggled with the idea of withdrawing and securing a full-time job to relieve the financial stresses I endure each month.  However, I have been able to continue thus far and am now on my way to becoming a well-educated global citizen.”

                            Randi adds, “To be the first member of my family to graduate from college would be a dream come true.”

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                              Outstanding Grads of the Class of 2014: Meet Chau Vo

                              29 May 2014

                              Chau Vo

                              Chau Vo, of College of Alameda, is on her way to UC Berkeley. An EOPS student, Chau is the recipient of an Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship awarded by the  Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.  She is one of 85 finalists selected from 3,705 applications representing 727 community colleges from across the country. The Foundation provides as much as $30,000 a year for up to three years to the nation’s best low-income community college students seeking to complete a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university.

                              Chau earned an AS and AST in Mathematics at CoA and will be majoring in Chemical Engineering this fall at UC Berkeley.

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