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Facebook Digital Marketing Program – Apply here!

15 November 2018

Level UP ↑ your business with Peralta and Facebook

Calling all entrepreneurs, small business owners, and non-profit organizations!!!


Peralta is partnering with Facebook to launch a Digital Marketing Program in January 2019! This exciting 16-week pilot program is designed to give small business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profits the critical training needed to market their business in order to grow and compete in today’s fast-changing global environment. 

To demonstrate their commitment, Facebook is offering scholarships to participate as well as Ad Credits to advertise your business or organization on their global platform at no cost to you!


Space is limited, so apply today!



  1. Please fill out this form : Pilot Program application
  2. Print, sign, and date the application
  3. Email the application to by December 15th!
  4. You can also mail the form to: Peralta Community College District, Attn: Strong Workforce, 333 East 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94606
Peralta-Facebook Partnership v3-2

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Applications for Spring 2019 are now available!

5 November 2018

Great news:


Applications for Spring 2019 classes at the Peralta Colleges are now available!

Click Here to Apply!

Spring 2019 Enrollment Dates:

Priority Enrollment Appointments: begin November 13

Continuing Student Enrollment Appointments: begin November 16

New & Returning Student Open Enrollment: begins December 03

High School Student Enrollment: begins December 10

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Transfer Opportunity for CIS, Math and Physics Majors

13 March 2018


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College Notes: Black History Month highlighted at Peralta Colleges

20 February 2018

A detail is shown from one of the African American Quilt Guild of Oakland's handmade quilts that will be on display at Laney College throughout February in honor of Black History Month. A detail is shown from one of the African American Quilt Guild of Oakland’s handmade quilts that will be on display at Laney College throughout February in honor of Black History Month.


Midwinter is usually a time for hunkering down. Not so at our local community colleges, where February is one of the busiest months of the year.


There are a plethora of events at Berkeley City College, College of Alameda, Laney College and Merritt College this month in commemoration of Black History Month. To read more about them, check out the latest College Notes article in the East Bay Times : link


If you have a story you would like me to feature in the column, please email

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EJ Holowicki – Why I love Berkeley City College

9 February 2018


The renowned E.J. Holowicki, sound designer for Pixar and Lucasfilm, who has been nominated eight times for sound editing awards has come to Berkeley City College to share his experiences with Multimedia students!


Great sound design can mask poor performances and build suspense and drama. Sound hits us on a gut level and transforms our emotional response to a story. The sound design class at Berkeley City College is open to all. With a great mix of students that are both working industry professionals (like Dolby) and sound enthusiasts that just want to understand the concepts of sound better.


Berkeley City College, one of California’s 114 community colleges, is located at 2050 Center Street between Shattuck Avenue & Milvia Street in downtown Berkeley, in one of the world’s great education centers. In August 2006, the college moved to a newly constructed six-story, 165,000 square foot urban campus, only one-and-one-half blocks from the University of California at Berkeley. The college is part of the Peralta Community College District which includes College of Alameda, Laney and Merritt colleges.



For more information on the Sound Design or Multimedia courses and to sign up for classes, please visit:


For more information on the Peralta Community College District and our other colleges, please visit:

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Report to our Community from Peralta Colleges Board of Trustees

30 January 2018


Meredith Brown, Board President, Area 2

Dr. William “Bill” Riley, Board Vice-President, Area 5

Bill Withrow, Area 1 – Linda Handy, Area 3 – Nicky Gonzalez Yuen, Area 4

Karen Weinstein, PhD, Area 6 – Julina Bonilla, Area 7

Chancellor Jowel C. Laguerre, PhD

We welcomed the New Year and returning students, while rededicating ourselves to serving our learning community at the regularly scheduled Board of Trustee meeting on January 23, 2018. The Trustees will provide these regular updates to our partners in community organizations, business, labor, government and neighborhoods across the East Bay, so that we may continue to work together to improve student success.

Facilities Master Plan Draft

Trustees accepted the Draft Facilities Master Plan (FMP), with the goal of continuing to provide a quality learning and working environment. Collaborative efforts by administrators, faculty, staff and students assessed the District’s current and future needs. Technology and accessibility improvements coupled with necessary electrical and utility upgrades drive many of the projects. Kelle Lynch McMahon, Interim Director of Capital Projects, was joined by Suniya Malhotra, project manager with Steinberg Hart Architects, to present the Plan. Highlights presented for each College include:

  • Berkeley City College, Dr. Rowena Tomaneng, President: building out the third floor of the recently acquired Milvia Street property; reconfiguring the main building on Center Street
  • College of Alameda, Dr. Tim Karas, President: replacing the Aviation and Automotive/Diesel Complexes and building a Performing Arts Center
  • Laney CollegeTammeil Gilkerson, President and Stephen Corlett, Laney College facilities chair: adding a new STEAM Center and new Library Learning Resource Center
  • Merritt College, Dr. Marie-Elaine Burns, President: renovating five buildings, replacing the Horticulture complex and adding a Kinesiology Physical Fitness area
  • Other: Renovating the 860 Atlantic Avenue building in Alameda to support the new Peralta Genomics Institute 

21st Century technology has changed teaching and learning requirements. New pedagogy calls for smart classrooms, upgraded libraries, and improved lecture, laboratory, and office space, as well as enhanced safety and environmental impact features. Under the Plan, each College will be upgraded, and facilities brought on line or improved.

Check out plans and drawings on our website.

Auditor’s Report

Vavrinek, Trine & Day LLP, the District’s auditing firm, presented the 2016-17 audit, a snapshot of the June 2017 year-end financial position, including accounting adjustments. The audit does not reflect measures that Peralta has implemented since June 30, 2017.

Trustee Bill Withrow commended Finance and Budget staff for addressing complex issues, and Trustees Julina Bonilla and Karen Weinstein encouraged continued progress in tracking expenditures and enrollment. The auditors review financial management annually, as well as compliance with state and federal laws. The District achieved an “unmodified” or highest rating in all but one category, owing to unpaid student debt. Throughout the recession, students had a higher rate of non-payment, and while the District continues to collect tuition and fees wherever possible, it was necessary to write off approximately $6 million in student debt dating back to 2009.

Despite this fact, our Peralta Colleges finished the year with a positive fund balance.

The audit’s good news is that our fund balance is healthier than previously thought. This reflects the prudent stewardship of the Office of Finance and Administration. At the same time, we recognize we need to continue to make needed improvements.

Read the complete Auditor’s report for June 30, 2017.

Water Career Pathways Consortium

During the recent drought, we learned just how important water resources and the systems that deliver them are to our region. In partnership with the West-Valley Mission Community College District, Peralta Colleges will receive a $150,000 grant to engage East Bay employers, including EBMUD, the Port of Oakland, school districts, and others in developing learning and employment opportunities for our students.

In memoriam

The Board adjourned in respectful memory of Phyllis Jones, a respected, long-time Peralta employee, and John Steiner, a Professor of Biology at College of Alameda.

Our next Board of Trustees meeting will be February 27, 2018. View the agenda at

* * * * 

If you would like more information about the Peralta Community College District Governing Board, please visit or email

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Romaneir Johnson appointed Peralta Community College District Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration

29 January 2018


The Peralta Colleges is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Romaneir Johnson to the position of Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration for the four-college district that includes Berkeley City College, College of Alameda and Laney and Merritt colleges in Oakland.


Of her new appointment, Ms. Johnson says: “As I approach a new and exciting opportunity to serve Peralta Community College District constituents, a quote from Alan Greenspan comes to mind: ‘It has been my experience that competency in mathematics, both in numerical manipulations and in understanding its conceptual foundations (accounting), enhances a person’s ability to handle the more ambiguous and qualitative relationships that dominate our day-to-day financial decision-making.’”


Romaneir Johnson was the State of Michigan’s Executive Director of the Financial Review Commission (FRC), which provides financial oversight of the city of Detroit’s finances. She was appointed by the Treasurer of the State of Michigan to implement programs pursuant to Public Act 181 of 2014. In part, Ms. Johnson oversees the finances of the Detroit Public Schools Community District in order to help ensure that the District is in compliance with applicable legislative statutes and administrative policies.


Prior to becoming Executive Director of the FRC, Romaneir has held a myriad of roles that range from Director of Finance to Chief Financial Officer. She has many years of experience in challenging times strategically leading deficit districts from K-12, Universities, and Community Colleges to becoming fiscally sound through budget cuts, budget realignment and negotiation of contracts. She has extensive experience leading teams of highly experienced financial professionals that were responsible for ensuring proficient financial reporting, compliance with regulatory standards and regulations; production of accurate and timely financial statements, and the creation of various revenue and budget reports..


Romaneir earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Michigan, Dearborn, and a Master’s degree in Accounting from the Davenport University.


Romaneir Johnson

For more than 50 years, the Peralta Community College District has served the cities of Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, and Piedmont by providing 30,000 students each semester with a range of educational programs and life-long learning opportunities. To learn more, visit

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Get Help Enrolling at Super Saturdays : January 20 & 27

16 January 2018

Super Saturdays
January 20 & 27, 9am – 1pm

Admissions, orientation, assessment, counseling, financial aid, and the cashier’s office will be available at all four campuses to provide personal assistance with Spring admissions and enrollment.

Prepare for Saturday


In order to complete all of the necessary steps within a Super Saturday, it is recommended that you review the Application & Enrollment Steps webpage and complete the OpenCCC/CCCApply online application (Step 1) at least 24 hours before attending. This way your Student ID will be ready and you can get started on the next steps upon arrival!

OpenCCC/CCCApply Online Application Assistance:

Please arrive early in the day if you would like assistance with the online application (Step 1). You will need an email address (gmail and yahoo are popular services), accurate date of birth, dates of previous high school/college enrollment, and social security number (required only if applying for financial aid) to apply.

Orientation, Assessment, Counseling:

Bring a valid ID (Driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, student ID card) and any high school (within 10 years) or college transcripts you would like to be used for placement or development of your educational plan with your counselor. Unofficial or official transcripts are both accepted, however, official transcripts are recommended so that they can be kept in our database. You may also bring assessment test results from another instution from within the last three years.

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Kaiser is launching the 1st class of Peralta Corporate Scholars

5 January 2018

Located at Laney College in rooms F-204 and F-205, there are workshops coming up as part of the Peralta Corporate Scholars Program.

See the flyer here for more info

Workshop dates are
All workshops are from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and lunch will be served.
Peralta Corporate Scholars derived from the Work Force Development and Continuing Education department (WDCE) in partnership with Kaiser Permanente to provide a robust job training program for students looking to build their professional skills. Thirty students will participate in a comprehensive work training program that could lead to 10 students being selected for an 8-week paid internship opportunity at Kaiser Permanente in the Oakland area beginning June 2018. The program begins Friday, June 8th and includes students from all four colleges.
BACKGROUND DATA: Felicia Duncan, Program Manager for KP Launch, reached out to WDCE to offer intern positions for students that would provide non-clinical opportunities in the field of health. The goal is to build and sustain a diverse, culturally competent workforce for the future.  Providing students a chance to learn from inspiring administrative health professionals and leaders will support them in building a valuable professional network. Students also gain practical skills and work experiences by focusing on projects that matter.
The vision for KP Launch is to positively impact the lives of young adults from backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in healthcare careers, and build a pipeline of diverse talent that will become future leaders in health care. The KP Launch program:
·        Introduces underrepresented and low-income student interns to careers in health professions.
·        Provides opportunities for interns to develop and foster professional and community leadership skills in a supportive environment.
·        Helps interns to obtain practical job skills and experiences that will help them successfully pursue employment in the health professions.
·        Encourages interns that face significant barriers in pursuing higher education and career development.

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32 Colleges Gather at Laney College BEST Center’s Annual Institute

5 January 2018

_O5A9190 (1)

On January 3-6, 2018, BEST Center will host its fourth Annual Institute for community and technical college educators home campus at Laney College in Oakland, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) in Berkeley, CA. 43 faculty members from 32 U.S. colleges will be seeking to improve or start new programs in commercial HVAC, energy management, and building automation. This year’s Institute’s theme, “Buildings as Information Systems”, intends to draw a clear, direct line from managing high-performance buildings and to enhancing energy conservation and occupant health. Jerry Yudelson, author of Reinventing Green Buildings, will provide the keynote address while focusing on green building and energy management trends.

Greeted by Peralta Community College District Chancellor, Jowel C. Laguerre, Ph.D., participants This year will explore hear from many leading experts the theme through special guests and explore, tailored activities tailored for classroom use and peer-to-peer presentations. 

“Laney College and Peralta have been a leader in sustainability,” Chancellor Laguerre said. 

“We are pleased the BEST center has continued to be a magnet for educators all over the United States to learn about and debate issues that befall us as a community.  Their exploration on how to reform the preparation of building engineers and maintenance workers is a good example of preparing the adequate workforce for today and tomorrow,” the Chancellor added. 

Here are some highlights of this year’s event:


  • Virtual tools for teaching retro-commissioning and controls.
  • Hands-on networking and programming of open architecture building control systems.
  • Troubleshooting exercise at LBNL’s FLEXLAB to study Microgrids and energy storage: A way to optimize building performance while being resilient in case of catastrophic events.
  • FLEXLAB data-loggers activity: A troubleshooting exercise to demonstrate the impact of HVAC economizers. 
  • Berkeley LabLBNL presentations on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, battery storage, building energy management tools and techniques, and battery storage research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Microgrids and energy storage for integration of local renewable energy sources and enhancing building resilience. 
  • Energy audit of Logic Blocks: Hands-on teaching techniques to show open access architecture for controls systems software.
  • Peer-to-peer presentations on Leveraging best practices in curriculum development, hands-on lab activities, student recruitment, program development and BAS integration into commercial HVAC curriculum 
“BEST Center is always excited to bring together its educators who have been instrumental to the growth of our cutting-edge programs and student success,” says Peter Crabtree, BEST Principal Investigator and Laney’s Dean of Career and Technical Education. “As their workforce ages, employers are simultaneously challenged to find the next generation of technicians who can support innovative building technologies and a vibrant commercial marketplace. In response, our faculty has committed to invigorate their curricula and supply companies with graduates possessing the advanced technical skills so badly needed.”
About BEST Center: 
The Building Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow (BEST) Center supports publicly funded 2-year colleges with programs in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R), building automation controls, and energy/facilities management. Sponsored by Advanced Technological Education grants from the National Science Foundation, this national collaborative promotes state-of-the-art building technician education and dissemination of the latest research, technology, and industry collaborations in energy-efficient buildings.


For more information, go to:

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