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Helping Community College Students Statewide, Peralta Colleges Provided Language For New Bills Signed by Governor Jerry Brown

25 October 2011. 0 comments

Assembly Bill 795 is another important step that would provide governing bodies at each community college district to have the authority to enforce these requirements by citation and fine. The bill would provide that if a campus adopts the enforcement and fine authority, it may post signs stating its tobacco use policy and inform employees and students of the policy.

“The American Lung Association applauds the Peralta Community College District for its already existing smoke-free campuses. Due to college district’s experiences like Peralta’s in enforcing their smoke-free policies there was a realization that an enforcement mechanism was needed,” remarked Kimberly Weich Reusche, Vice President, Programs and Advocacy for the American Lung Association.

“We thank Peralta for introducing the idea of such legislation to ensure safety for your students, and that anti-smoking policies can be enforced.”

The Governor also signed Assembly Bill 844 authored by Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) containing language sponsored by the Peralta Community College District that would enable any student who is in good standing, and is elected by their peers, to serve as a student trustee on the district board of trustees.

National Immigration Law Center’s staffer Tanya Broder states, “We are thrilled that AB 844 will allow student leaders who, regardless of status, can be recognized for their contributions to student government, and will have new opportunities to help improve policies for all students.”

“While AB 540 opened many doors for undocumented students, there are still barriers to some students’ abilities to participate in all aspects of campus life,” said Peralta College Chancellor, Wise E. Allen.

The amendments that Peralta Community College District drafted for AB 844 would add a provision to the Donahoe Higher Education Act, which would provide that any student, including a person without lawful immigration status, or a person who is exempt from nonresident tuition, may serve in any capacity in student government at any California Community College.

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