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Peralta News – Asian and Asian American Studies Community Action Faire at Laney College

16 April 2012. 115 comments

On April 11th on the 3rd floor inside the Laney Student Center the Asian/Asian American Studies Dept held a community action faire in order to showcase student knowledge and pride for the Asian Cultural Diaspora.

There was music, food, trivia games and informative displays which promoted Asian Culture and it’s many representative nationalities and ethnic groups. Many student presenters were enrolled in Asia Film Study courses. The event also had social ramifications, opening discussions about Asian stereotyping within the Asian community and abroad and also the intersection of queer sexuality and traditional Asian family values.

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  1. Jiemei Yang says:

    Laney College is very diverse. Since we are students here, we should participate in community action in order to bring more awareness and understanding of this diversity. With awareness and understanding, we can get along better with each other.

  2. Desiny D says:

    This was my first AAAS Faire in Laney College. I honestly did not expect it to be an awesome experience. The Faire had many interesting topics and very unique posters with all the fun games added to it. The people were very friendly and I would love to participate it again in the future.

  3. John Ho says:

    This Faire was amazing. I had lots of fun creating a project and connecting with other groups. Everyone was having a good time getting to know each other. It was a big festive melting pot of asian diversity and culture and was a great experience.

  4. Kelvin Wong says:

    Community Action is very important at Laney College. It helps bring the community together through what we are trying to accomplish. Even though Laney is very diverse, we have come together to show what we have been learning.

  5. Kay Ng says:

    Community activity is an important event for laney students. We can learn different value from other culture. It is a good opportunity to let the students came together to make worksdone.

  6. Jiahuan Wei says:

    The AAAF faire is my first faire in Laney College. This faire will let people know more about didferent culture,and met didferent people in the faire, is better than you study alone. I enjoy it ths faire and learn alot from AAAS faire. I hope we will have more community action coming in Laney College.

  7. Kent Wong says:

    Community action is important to Laney College because it brings lots of the students together. Through the AAAS Faire we can know more about the Asian culture and communicate with the others. It strengthen the relationship between everyone, who participated in the event.

  8. xiaoping says:

    Community action is important to Laney College because we can learn from each other. such as culture. we can work with each other and help each other.

  9. xiaoping wu says:

    Community action is important to Laney College because we can learn from each other. such as culture. we can work and help each other.

  10. Jeremy Chiu says:

    Community Action in my opinion is defined as actions taken by the local community in order to further learning and certain values. It is important to the Laney College community because it allows students to experience authentic Asian culture that is quite prominent at the College. It also provides an opportunity for students in ASAME to learn more about Asian culture.

  11. Mi Nguyen says:

    Laney college is a Community College, so the “Community Action” is very important to the solidarity as well as communication among Laney students. With Community Action at Laney Community College, students have more chance to understand the diversity of the Community College.

  12. faithhuang0718 says:

    The Asian American is a big community at laney college. The AAAS faire provided a medium for communication between the Asian American and other communities. I found it a very fun learning experience.

  13. Hai To says:

    I really in enjoyed being apart of the festivities.There was alot of fun but educational games,great food,and i learned alot about the asian american culture…

  14. geneva carrington says:

    Community action is important because it raises awareness about the things going on in our school. by involving our community we can also help attract people that may want to help our school be better or bring new fresh ideas. i think culturally and ethnically we offer so many more classes than other schools. By bringing in our community we can show just how much we know, learn, and offer about different cultures!!!!

  15. Dominic Wong says:

    Community action encourages sharing of ideas thus learning from new perspectives. One can’t always see all sides of a happening. Learning to see from what the others see will widen our views thus creating a deeper understanding on any matter discussed

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