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Summer and Fall Class Schedules

12 April 2011. 16 comments

Summer and fall class schedules are now available to view or download from our Websites. Printed classes schedules will be available beginning the week of April 18. To view or download summer or fall class schedules please follow these links:

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  1. diana paul says:

    I live in Richmond. Where can I find a community college where I can take Calculus 2 this summer?

  2. Public Relations says:

    Hi Diana! Summer starts June 18, 2012 and once our schedule is ready you can find all your classes there. In the meantime subscribe to our website or follow us on Twitter/Facebook if you want to get notified for our schedule release dates.

  3. David says:

    Hi, I was wondering when the summer and fall 2012 schedule will be available, and when will I be able to enroll? I could not find the schedules online. Thank!

  4. Public Relations says:

    Hi David, we are currently producing our Summer/Fall 2012 schedule. Follow us online and or subscribe to our email news updates to get notification to when our schedules are available. Thanks!

  5. Cynthia says:

    When will summer school end? When will Fall semester begin? I am trying to plan a vacation in between Summer and Fall.

  6. Public Relations says:

    Hi Cynthia, Fall 2012 start August 20 and Summer 2012 will end around the last week of July. Enjoy your vacation!

  7. Alexa says:

    I am a student at UH Manoa, but I want to take classes at BCC/Laney for the summer. When can I apply for peralta so I can take classes this summer?

  8. Public Relations says:

    Hello Alexa! The summer and fall applications are open now. Open enrollment for new students begins May 4. Have a great day!

  9. Eve says:

    Hi. I will like to enroll for Summer classes but I cannot see summer classes. I need to take higher level English and Psychology Statistics. Let me know if any of these classes will be offered or what should I do- register anyways? Thank you

  10. Public Relations says:

    Hi Eve, as soon as the summer schedule comes out, you will be able to see all the classes we will offer. Thank you for your inquiry!

  11. Valmore says:

    I have been taking courses at Laney for a year and a half. I live closer to contra costa college and wanted to know if I take statistics there, would it be transferrable to my Laney Transcript and qualify for a breadth requirement.

  12. shaun says:

    where can I find the schedule of classes for summer 2012??

  13. Public Relations says:

    Hi Shaun, you can find all of our class schedules / catalogs at http://web.peralta.edu/admissions/schedule-of-classescatalogs/ Thank you for your inquiry!

  14. Public Relations says:

    Hi Valmore! Great question, please check with your counselor at Laney College. Go to this link for more information about counseling at Laney College http://www.laney.edu/wp/counseling/

  15. ann says:

    hi, I took classes at Laney in 2010 and 2011. I’m planning to take summer class again. how can I register? and where can I find the class schedules for Summer 2012 and fall 2012?

  16. Public Relations says:

    Hi Ann! You can find our 2012 Class Schedules at this link: http://web.peralta.edu/admissions/schedule-of-classescatalogs/ Thank you for your inquiry!

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