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C-DIRECT is short for the Chancellor’s Direct Communication.  Almost every week, Chancellor Laguerre’s newsletter will highlight not only his activities, but those of the Trustees, the Peralta Colleges’ presidents, faculty and staff — and our students. You can also view Community Direct, the Chancellor’s quarterly publication, and C-Direct TV, which highlights his activities in the community. These communications are meant to keep the District community informed. If you have something you would like to share with Chancellor Laguerre for publication, please email him at Your input and feedback will help make these worthy communication pieces that keeps everyone informed.


C-DIRECT 1-22-19

C-DIRECT 12-18-18

C-DIRECT 12-11-18

C-DIRECT 12-04-18

C-DIRECT 11-20-18

C-DIRECT 11-13-18

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Episode 9: Chancellor’s Award Winners, Part 5 (Ava Lee-Pang):

Episode 8: Chancellor’s Award Winners, Part 5 (Robert Brem):

Episode 7: Chancellor’s Award Winners, Part 4 (Cynthis Mahabir):

Episode 6: Chancellor’s Award Winners, Part 3 (Loan Nguyen):

Episode 5: Chancellor’s Award Winners, Part 2 (Fabian Banga):

Episode 4: Chancellor’s Fall Forum Presentation:

Episode 3: Chancellor’s Award Winners, Part 1 (Laney College):

Episode 2: Soccer Balls for Haiti:

Episode 1: Visit with Berkeley Mayor Bates:

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