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The Transition from Moodle to Canvas

On July 18, 2016, the Peralta Distance Education Committee recommended that we begin a transition from Moodle to Canvas as Peralta’s Learning Management System.  

This recommendation was based on the committee’s belief that switching to Canvas would:

  • Allow Peralta to take advantage of valuable resources provided by the California Community College State Chancellor’s Office
  • Foster an environment of increased innovation and accountability in Peralta’s online and hybrid classes, and provide cutting edge online technology for our students
  • Provide a more user friendly LMS, with improved options for student support resources
  • Be part of the statewide OEI (Online Education Initiative) that will soon provide a common online learning platform for all California Community College students

The efforts to implement Canvas statewide are overseen by the Online Education Initiative and supported by generous state funding.

Transition Timeline

Schedule of Trainings & Workshops

Canvas FAQs

The California Online Education Initiative (OEI) and Canvas

Canvas News & Updates

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