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The Oakland Athletics baseball team presented a letter of interest to the Chancellor of the Peralta Community College District on September 12, 2017. The Board of Trustees, with more than 300 people in attendance on October 10, requested a community benefits and engagement plan to be developed for review and consideration on December 12. Help Peralta Colleges define the community engagement process by sharing your thoughts. Following the December 12 Board of Trustees meeting, if the Trustees choose to proceed with the study process, this page will be updated.


Relevant Documents

October 17, 2017 Chancellor Laguerre’s letter to A’s President Dave Kaval

Video of the October 10 Board of Trustees meeting

October 10, 2017 Opportunity Assessment Presentation

September 12, 2017 letter from the Oakland A’s to Chancellor Laguerre 


Chancellor’s Updates

Update #1 – October 30, 2017

Update #2 – November 6, 2017

At a special meeting on December 5, 2017, Chancellor Laguerre provided the Board of Trustees with an update on the terms of the community engagement plan. The Board provided direction to the Chancellor to discontinue planning for a community engagement process on a possible baseball stadium.

The District will work with its students, faculty, staff, administrators and community to reimagine the District’s needs and assess the resources to meet them. We will develop a robust and inclusive engagement process to assess our needs and partnerships aligned with our mission.

The Board of Trustees will continue due diligence in determining the costs and benefits of potential development.

We look forward to continued partnerships that enrich the learning experience of our students and the community we have served for more than fifty years.



Chancellor Jowel C. Laguerre, Ph.D.

December 6, 2017


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Make your voice heard. Share your thoughts about how Peralta Colleges should plan community engagement for opportunity assessment of proposed development on District property. Please answer this short survey before Dec. 1 so that information can be incorporated into the planning report to the Board of Trustees. We’ll keep you updated!


Peralta Colleges Engagement Survey [English]

Encuesta de participación de Peralta Colleges [Spanish]

Peralta 學院參與度調查 [中文] Survey [Chinese]

Thăm Dò Ý Kiến của Trường Đại Học Peralta [Tiếng Việt] Survey [Vietnamese]



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