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Why We Need Your Support

The Peralta Colleges are known for outstanding staff, students and alumni, and the Foundation’s commitment is to keep this quality consistent while also keeping enrollment up and class fees low. State and local appropriations cover just the most basic costs of instruction, with little or no funds available to assist students with books, supplies, equipment, lab fees and other kinds of expenses. Approximately 70% of students receive some form of financial aid; many manage personal and family responsibilities while advancing their educational, professional and vocational goals.


Invest In Your Community

Community colleges are funded through the state at a per student rate of approximately $4,000. This is substantially lower than all other educational institutions. For example, the Oakland Unified School District receives about $7,000 per student while the University of California receives about $19,000 per student in state support. Community colleges are at a clear disadvantage. Peralta students seek education to obtain new skills and advance their lives. Contributions to the Foundation are a means for the community to invest in itself by supporting the students and educators at the Peralta Colleges.


The Future of Public Higher Education

Private support has become an essential factor in helping most students pursue their educational goals, whether they attend public or private schools. This reality is why the Peralta Colleges Foundation exists and why we need your participation.  We support the educational aspirations of the men and women who attend College of Alameda, Berkeley City College, Laney College and Merritt College – tomorrow’s business and community leaders.

Please join us in being a catalyst for growth and change throughout our region by supporting Peralta Colleges Foundation.  Make a gift today and help make a college education possible for more young men and women.


How To Support the Foundation

  • Make an annual contribution to the Foundation by check, credit card or cash.
  • Pledge a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual donation.
  • Participate in our annual Student Showcase and Dinner and Golf Tournament fundraising events.
  • Designate The Peralta Colleges Foundation during the Combined Charities Campaign at your work place.
  • Make a gift of stock to the Foundation.
  • Find out if your company has a matching gifts program and let them know of your donation to the Foundation.
  • Name the Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement account or insurance policy.
  • Name the Foundation in your will or trust (bequest).



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