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Mental Health

“Caring for the mind

Is as important and

crucial as caring for

the body. In fact,

one cannot be

healthy without

the other.”

  • from From the book” Approaching the Natural: a Health Manifesto” by Sid Garza-Hillman

What is mental health? According to, mental health encompasses our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. The status of an individual’s mental health will determine how one handles stress, relates to others, and makes decisions.  There are various factors that contribute to mental health problems. For example, life experiences, such as trauma or abuse, can create unwanted pressure and stress.

Mental health counseling is available to all students at all Peralta campuses. Students have the option of meeting with a licensed therapist to discuss issues including, but not limited to: difficult feelings (sadness, stress, anger, depression) grief and loss, crisis consultation / post-crisis follow-up, constant worry or feeling anxious, frequent loss of temper, relationship issues, trouble with (over and under) eating, sleep and concentration, dealing with unpleasant memories, and concerns about drug / alcohol use.

On December 12th 2015, a crowd of over a 100 students, faculty and staff met at Laney College for the event “Erasing the Stigma: a panel discussion devoted to mental health in the hood”.  Discussions centered on issues of depression, domestic violence, incarceration and drug addiction. Panelists included our very own BCC mental health counselor Jamie Adair, MSW, as well as mental health interns from Laney and COA. Motivational speaker, survivor and Oakland Native Kevin Berthia was also on the panel. Conversations were moderated by Laney English instructor Roger Porter. The event was a huge success and left students wanting more. Stay tuned for round two and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates!

At Laney College students can visit Lisa Sawadogo, LPCC (licensed professional clinical counselor), in the Laney Student Center on the 4th floor in SC-414. Ms. Sawadogo is available Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm, Drop-in sessions are 12-12:30pm. You may contact Mrs. Sawadogo at (510) 464-3535.  Sessions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students can also book appointments with Claire Crosetti, MFT, MA, who is available every Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-7:30pm in the Laney Tower in T-250. Please visit the office or call (510) 464-3384 to book an appointment. Students are allowed to see our mental health counselors for up to 8-10 sessions a semester! If more sessions are needed a counselor can write a referral for an Alameda County mental health agency.

At Laney College, the Laney Wellness Center I (Laney Tower T-250) provides students and staff with a Self-Help/ Mental Health resources lending library.  The lending library was established through funding provided by an Alameda County Mental Health Grant. The workbooks and videos are made available to support Laney College

students, faculty, and staff members in increasing self-care and in support of their educational, career, and life goals.  The lending library has topics on: addiction, ADHD, anger, anxiety, self-esteem, bipolar disorder, depression,

domestic violence, stress management, schizophrenia, and PTSD. Books and videos can be borrowed for up to two weeks. Any questions about this lending library should be directed to: Veronica Crawford, and (510) 464-3384.

Laugh, it’s good for you! The Uptown Oakland, Mental Illness Happy hour is a weekly podcast hosted by   comedian Paul Gilmartin, consisting of interviews with comedians, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. Each

episode explores mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking. To check out this podcast, please visit:

Mental Health Counseling @ Peralta Colleges
Berkeley City College

Jamie Adair, MSW

Location: 2000 Center St., Rm 110 (just West of Main Campus Bldg.)

Tuesday: 9am-4pm

(510) 981-2919

Ann Sussman, LCSW

Location: 2000 Center St., Rm 110 (just West of Main Campus Bldg.)

Days/Times: Monday-Thursday: 9am-4pm

Phone: (510) 981-2919

Janine Greere, MFT

Location: 2000 Center St., Rm 110 (just West of Main Campus Bldg.)

Laney College

Lisa Sawadogo, LPCC

Location: Student Center, Room 414

Days/ Times: Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30

Phone: (510) 464-3535

Claire Crosetti, MFT, MA

Days/Times: Wednesday & Thursday 9am-7:30pm

Phone: (510) 464-3384

College of Alameda

Evan Schloss, LMFT, LPCC

Location: F Building, Room 105

Days/Times: Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm

Phone: (510) 748-2300

Merritt College

Larry Lariosa, MFT

Location: R Building, Room 106

Days/Times: Monday 9am-12:30pm Tuesday/Thursday 9am-4:30pm

(510) 436- 2533

Community Mental Health Resources

Sausal Creek Outpatient Stabilization Center


*Crisis intervention, referalls, short-term counseling for Alameda County residents.

Crisis Support Services of Alameda County

800.309.2131 (24-hour hotline)

Alameda County Mental Health Access Line


*Provides referrals to mental health service providers.

Contra Costa County Mental Health Access Line


*Provides referrals to mental health service providers.

Eden I&R (Info & Referral)

211 (24-hour hotline)

*Free & confidential info for referral for food, housing, employment, healthcare, counseling & more.

Wright Institute in Berkeley (3 clinics)

Addison St. Clinic: 510.548.9716

Cognitive & Behavioral Community Clinic: 510.923.2241

Recovery Clinic: 510.841.1262

Testing & Assessment: 510.841.9230 ext.159

Berkeley Therapy Institute CBT Clinic


*1749 MLK Jr. Way Berkeley, CA 94709

UC Berkeley Psychology Clinic,  Dept. of Psychology


*2205 Tollman Hall, Berkeley, CA 94709

Jewish Family & Children Services (JFCS)


*2484 Shattuck Ave. Ste. 210, Berkeley, CA 94704

Woman’s Therapy Center (WTC)


*2105 MLK Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Center for Creative Growth


*1221 Marin Ave., Albany, CA 94706

Asian Community Mental Health Services (ACMHS)

Alameda County: 510.869.6000

*310 8TH St. Ste. 201, Oakland, CA 94607

Contra Costa County: 510.970.9750

*12240 San Pablo Ave., Richmond, CA 94805

JFK Holistic Counseling Center


*2501 Harrison St., Oakland, CA 94612


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