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Learning Communities

At the PCCD we believe in the wellbeing of our students.  To ensure that students have the resources they need to meet the challenges of college, the PCCD has created various learning communities.

Berkeley City College

LEAP -This program will help you develop English skills for transfer into the U.S. higher education system

LEAP Counselors:

James Aganon,

Christina L. Taing,

PACE Pathways – PACE Pathways is a two-year learning community designed for working adults looking to complete an Associates of Arts Degree.

PACE office, room 124A:

Marilyn Clausen,
assistant to PACE
(510) 981-2864

PERSIST– Different learning styles are identified as strengths, and PERSIST students use them to develop communication and leadership skills while the student acquires math, writing and critical thinking skills crucial to a certificate program or degree.


College of Alameda

APASS – (Asian/Pacific American Student Success) is designed to support Asian/Pacific Americans in pursuit of academic success by promoting individual growth and personal success through a culturally sensitive environment.

The Amandla (Zulu for ‘power’) Program is a member of the Statewide Umoja (‘unity’) Community, and is dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African Americans and other student populations though a curriculum and pedagogy responsive to the legacy of the African and African American diasporas.

The Adelante (Spanish for ‘onward’ or ‘forward’) Program serves to enhance the intellectual, philosophical, ethical, and

community experience of students through the reflective study of Latino culture.

To join a learning community at COA, students must first take the English assessment.  Call (510) 748-5267 for an assessment appointment.
For more information, please contact
Ellen Davis (510) 289-6443


Laney College

APASS – (Asian/Pacific American Student Success) is designed to support Asian/Pacific Americans in pursuit of academic success by promoting individual growth and personal success through a culturally sensitive environment.

APASS Counselors:

Cynthia Taing

office: (510) 464-3160

Ben Tran
Office (510) 464-3160

You can also email this program directly:

To join their email list visit:

LaneyWORKs – is dedicated to providing a wealth of supportive student services to ensure each student a success!  Our goal is employment and to assist CalWORKs students in transition from public assistance to economic self-sufficiency.

EOPS– primary goal is to encourage the enrollment, retention and transfer of students disadvantaged by language, social, economic and educational hardship, and to facilitate the successful completion of their goals and objectives in college.

CARE -is a supplemental component of EOPS. It is designed to motivate, encourage and support single parents on Welfare (TANF) who desire job-relevant education in order to break the dependency cycle and become self-sufficient.

Building A, Room 106
Phone: (510) 986-6946


Merritt College

Computer Lab – The Computer Lab offers Internet access, email, laser printing, scanning, and educational software for many academic classes. For students enrolled in Computer Information System (CIS) classes, the center offers Microsoft Office, Access, Excel, and Word.

Self-paced Classes

These classes allow you to work in the center whenever your schedule allows. The student will not receive a letter grade, and the credits earned for these classes will not apply toward a degree or certificate. However, the skills you acquire will help you toward your educational goals. You may enroll up to the 12th week of the semester.

Learning Center Tutoring

This tutoring program serves students by offering academic assistance across the curriculum. Their objective is to prepare and assist students in academic advancement and improved self-esteem.

Free tutoring is offered individually or in a small group setting and is available on a drop-in basis or by appointment Tutoring is offered in the following subjects:

Administration of Justice




Child Development

Computer Science

English & ESL

Foreign Language



Social Sciences

Building L

(510) 436-2442



Friday, 8am-3pm.

For more information please contact

(510) 434-3820

Room L-123



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  • Since 1964, the Peralta Community College District - comprised of Berkeley City College, College of Alameda, Laney College and Merritt College - has served the cities of Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland and Piedmont by providing 25,000 students each semester with a range of educational programs and life-long learning opportunities.