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Click on the specific question below to find your answer in these FAQ’s. If you have a question but don’t know the answer visit Contact Us or your Health Service Center.

UPDATED 08/07/2018

  1. Why is there a health fee?
  2. Who is eligible for health services?
  3. What is the cost of these services?
  4. What does my $18 per semester pay for?
  5. Are my records confidential?
  6. Who will have access to my medical records?
  7. Who is providing these new services?
  8. Where is the health clinic?  During what hours does the clinic operate?
  9. How do I make an appointment?
  10. I already have health insurance; do I still have to pay?
  11. I am an international student and I am required to have health insurance to be in this country, do I still have to pay for the Health Fee?
  12. I am a part-time student; do I still have to pay the Health Fee?
  13. Who is exempt from the Health Fee?  
  14. If I take courses at multiple Peralta campuses, do I have to pay at each campus?
  15. Can I access services when the campus is closed (winter break, for example)?


  1. Peralta Student Health Services is dedicated to assisting students to achieve and maintain optimum physical, mental and emotional health. We are committed to providing quality health care at a reasonable cost.
  2. All students who pay the health fee will have access to health services at all Peralta campuses.  Students must present their student ID with the current semester sticker.
  3. Access to Heath Services is supported by the $18.00 health fee paid at time of registration for fall and spring semesters. The fee for summer session is $15.  Additional fees may apply for certain services (lab tests, x-rays, etc.). If you are eligible for public coverage programs (i.e. MediCal, Family PACT, Healthy Families) your services may be billed.
  4. Your medical records and all discussions with the Student Health Services Staff are completely confidential in accordance with federal HIPAA regulations. Records are only released with written consent of the student, unless required by law.
  5. Medical Services available beginning 8/20/2018:
    • Birth Control
    • Counseling: One-on-One
    • Doctor Visits
    • Family Planning
    • Flu Shots (Seasonal)
    • Health Education
    • HIV Testing (TBA)
    • Insurance Eligibility Screening and Enrollment Services (Tuesdays & Thursdays @ Laney Wellness Center II  located in Student Center Room 410)
    • Insurance Eligibility Screening and Enrollment Services (for state programs including Family PACT & MediCal)
    • Laboratory testing:
      • Labs Covered: STI testing, HIV testing, TB tests
      • Other lab tests are not covered.
      • Students are responsible for paying lab fees that are not covered.  The Laney Wellness Center II does not accept any payments.
    • Mental Health Counseling and Referral
    • Pap Smears
    • Physical Exams
    • Pregnancy Testing
    • Referrals for Urgent Care
    • Resource and Referral Services
    • Sexually Transmitted Infections Testing & Treatment**
    • TB Testing (Tuesdays @Laney Wellness Center II  located in Student Center Room 410)
    • Immunizations are NOT covered.

    **Services covered by Family PACT.  Immediate on-site application and approval.

  6. Only Student Health Services doctors, nurses, and counselors will have access to your medical records. You may request a copy of your records to provide to your medical provider.
  7. This project is jointly sponsored by Healthy Communities Inc.,LifeLong Medical Care, Dr. Elsa Pao, the County of Alameda Health Services Agency and the Peralta Community College District (Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Services).
  8. The Laney Wellness Center II is open in the Laney College Student Center, Room SC410 (on the fourth floor).  The outpatient medical clinic will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-5p.m. ( closed for lunch every day from 1-2 p.m.)
  9. Please call (510) 464-3134 to schedule an appointment.
  10. Yes, you are still required to pay if you have health insurance.  Campus health services are intended to supplement your present health insurance, and do not cover major medical care such as hospitalization or emergency room fees.
  11. Yes, all students are required to pay the health fee.  Paying the health fee will not meet your requirement of having insurance in the United States.
  12. Yes, all Peralta students are required to pay the health fee.
  13. Students may be exempt from the health fee if:
    • The student is dependent exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings for a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization.
    • The student is attending a community college under an approved apprenticeship training program.
    • Please contact the Office of Student Services at your campus to receive a waiver petition.
  14. No, you will only be required to pay the health fee once per semester or summer session.
  15. No.  Services are provided only when the campuses are open.  Please refer to the Peralta Academic Calendar for campus closures.

  • Contact Us

    Berkeley City College Clinic        


    College of Alameda Clinic              


    Laney Wellness Center I     

    (510) 464-3332

    Laney  Wellness Center II   

    (510) 464-3134

    Merritt College Clinic                    


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