Health Insurance

Welcome to the Peralta International Student Health Insurance Program


All international students will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory Peralta Health Insurance Program through provider GeoBlue.

Upon enrollment, you will find an “International Student Health Insurance Fee” among your other fees for tuition such as AC Transit, campus use fee, etc.

Now that the Peralta Health Insurance Program through GeoBlue is a requirement for all students (see class catalog on page 9, “Fees Information” for more details), please contact your insurance provider to cancel your current plan. Make sure the final date of coverage is no later than 12/31/2016 to prevent double coverage.

The current fee is $114.50 per month, totaling $572.50 for the fall semester, $801.50 for the spring /summer session, and $229 for the summer session (new students only).

If you need a letter of support from our office to cancel your current health insurance coverage and request a refund, we will gladly assist you. Please contact Matthew Jones at for a support letter.

Health Insurance ID Cards

Your ID card will be sent by GeoBlue to your Peralta email.

Once you receive your ID card, go to or click the green arrow below. Then, click on “Health Insurance”. Sign in using the Certificate Number on your ID card to access information and tools regarding your plan.

If you have not received your ID card yet and you need to access benefits or online information, please contact Ascension at (800) 537-1777. 




For directions on how to locate health service providers please click this PDF Link



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District Student Health Services

Health Insurance Fee Waiver (Must submit by the first day of classes to be eligible)

There are a limited number of reasons to waive this health insurance fee:
  • Students who receive health insurance from their US resident spouse or US resident parents.
  • Students who receive government sponsored health insurance.
  • Students who receive health insurance from their place of employment in the US.
  • Students who receive health insurance from their Non US resident spouse/parents, who are legally residing in the U.S.
  • Students participating in OPT
All waivers requests will be carefully reviewed, however, submitting a request for a waiver does not guarantee that your waiver will be approved.Without qualifying for one of these exceptions, you must purchase the Peralta International Student Health Insurance Plan.
Here is a link to the online waiver form:

The deadline to complete the Health Insurance Fee Waiver will correspond with the last day to drop regular session classes and receive a refund. Please confirm with Academic Calendar. Refunds will only be provided to students with approved Health Insurance Fee Waivers.