Fall 2016 Pathways (UC Berkeley) Drop-in Advising Hours for Peralta Colleges

As part of the Pathways to Four Year Universities program students receive additional advising at your PCCD campus by advisers from UC Berkeley’s Center for Educational Partnerships to create an educational plan in preparation for applying to UC Berkeley or another four-year University once you are finished at PCCD. The Pathways to Four-Year Universities Program provides support and resources to PCCD students who intend to transfer to UC Berkeley or another four-year university or college. Plan to meet with Community College Transfer Center Coordinator, Leilt Habte. You may also contact her directly at leilt@berkeley.edu

Berkeley City College Transfer Center

Date Time Purpose
Thursday, September 15 9:30-3:00 Drop-in advising
Thursday, September 29 1:30-4:00 Drop-in advising
Thursday, October 13 9:30-2:30 Drop-in advising
Tuesday, October 25 9:30-3:40 Drop-in advising
Thursday, November 10 9:30-2:30 Drop-in advising
Monday,  November 21 9:30-2:30 Drop-in advising
Thursday, December 1 9:30-2:30 Drop-in advising

Laney College Transfer Center

Date Time Purpose
Thursday, September 22 1:00-3:00 Drop-in advising
Monday, October 3 1:00-3:00 Drop-in advising
Wednesday, October 12 9:30-12:00 Drop-in advising
Thursday, October 27 9:30-12:00 Drop-in advising
Thursday, November 3 1:00-3:00 Drop-in advising
Tuesday, November 8 1:00-3:00 Drop-in advising
Tuesday, December 6 9:30-2:30 Drop-in advising

College of Alameda Transfer Center

 Date Time Purpose
Tuesday, October 4 12:00-3:00 Drop-in advising
Thursday, October 20 12:00-3:00 Drop-in advising
Monday, October 31 12:00-3:00 Drop-in advising
Wednesday, November 9 12:00-3:00 Drop-in advising
Thursday, November 17 12:00-3:00 Drop-in advising
Thursday, December 8 10:00-2:30 Drop-in advising

Merritt College Transfer Center

Date Time Purpose
Thursday, October 6 11:30-2:30 Drop-in advising
Tuesday, October 18 11:30-2:30 Drop-in advising
Wednesday, October 26 11:30-2:30 Drop-in advising
Monday, November 7 11:30-2:30 Drop-in advising
Tuesday, November 22 11:30-2:30 Drop-in advising
Monday, December 12 10:00-2:30 Drop in advising