Fall 2016 Study Abroad Fair Stole the Spotlight at BCC Atrium on September 21


On September 21, for the third consecutive year, the Office of International Education held the Study Abroad Fair at one of the four Peralta Community Colleges, Berkeley City College.  Between 9am to 3pm, streams of students flowing through the Atrium among whom more than 100 students checked out at the booths registering  their email addresses expressing interest to studying abroad. Many professed ignorance about the existence of such opportunity to studying abroad and were enlightened to learn that Peralta colleges have six Study Abroad Programs offered for Summer 2017. Onboard with the Office of International Education at the fair was a team of fourteen vendors with whom we believe that together as team our primary goal, not only to build awareness but also to increase the number and diversity of students to study abroad and ensure quality and remove barriers to participation, would be reinforced and proliferated.

Study Abroad is one of the initiatives embarked by the Office of International Education of Peralta Community College District back in 2014 in partnership with the Institute of International Education (IIE) who believes that studying abroad is an essential component of a college degree. The mission of Peralta Study Abroad is to facilitate and advocate the vision of IIE in enabling today’s students from all backgrounds in all sectors to gain access to international experiences that will better prepare them to become a global citizen after graduation.  Peralta Community College District recognizes that education of the 21st century is an increasingly complex web of connections and interdependencies. Therefore, the ability and skills to interact with people of different culture and socioeconomic background from other countries is a key prerequisite to college students in today’s globalized world. Initiatives such as studying abroad provides a paradigm shift to instill in college students how to nurtures personal respect, respect for others and, more skilled in interacting in an increasingly diversified communities locally, nationally and internationally.

Since our first launch in October 2014, together with our increasing vendor participation we have grown our student and faculty database and increase our Study Abroad programs from initial four to the current six. The Office of International Education continues to strive to build a coalition to reach hundreds of thousands of college students who have not been able to access study abroad or have chosen not to take part in part due to affordability.  The presence and participation of our vendors have helped fulfilling such objectives by providing invaluable information and support network in enabling and empowering the opportunity and access for our students to study abroad.  The fourteen vendors who attended this year’s fair are:

Peralta Commitment Partners Website
Hartnell Community College District http://www.elsgroup.org
Laney College http://web.peralta.edu/blog/tag/study-abroad-program/
City College of San Francisco http://www.ccsf.edu
WorldTeach http://www.worldteach.org
Diversity Abroad http://www.diversityabroad.com/
UC Berkeley Study Abroad http://studyabroad.berkeley.edu/summerabroad/
Global Volunteers https://globalvolunteers.org/
Child Family Health International http://www.cfhi.org
Gilman International Scholarship http://www.iie.org/gilman
Carpe Diem Education http://www.carpediemeducation.org
Across The Pond- Study In The UK http://http://sa.studyacrossthepond.com
LIU Global http://liu.edu/global
Institute of European Studies / UCB http://ies.berkeley.edu/
ACCENT International http://www.accentintl.com


Along with other studying abroad programs outside the Peralta Community Colleges, the six programs  being offered in 2017/18 at the Peralta Colleges are:

  • Ethiopia “Abyssinia’s Valley of the Sun” by Laney College Department of Dance & Ethiopian Student Club.

May 28-June 23, 2017

  • Rhumba in Cuba: Cuban Culture & History by Laney College Department of Dance.

June 2018

  • Ghana, West Africa: Culture, music, dance, African spiritual tradition, ecotourism and Ghana Dance Studies.

July 26 – August 8, 2017

  • African American Studies by Merritt College:

Summer 2017

  • Cosmetology in London by Laney College:

Summer 2017

  • Automotive Technology in Cuba by College of Alameda:

Summer 2017

  • Natural History of Taiwan by Merritt College

Summer 2017

The Study Abroad Fair will be present again at Laney College on April 20, 2017 at the EcoFest Sustainability Festival.  The annual Eco Fest Sustainability Festival has proven to draw students, faculty and staff whom we foresee will be attracted and made aware of the opportunity and available resources to studying abroad. Meanwhile, more details about the Eco Fest Festival can be found at the following link  http://web.peralta.edu/blog/eco-fest-sustainability-festival-at-laney-college-april-21/

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