Beomjin (Benji) Kim (Berkeley City College/South Korea)- International Scholarship

When I first attended at Peralta Community College, I had to adapt to a new culture, school, language, and friends. Among those, the English language was the principal barrier as I struggled to understand conversations with people, school lectures, and school textbooks. I had to put much more effort into my study in English than my previous study in Korean. Yet, whenever I struggled, my vision of accessing better education motivated me to keep trying harder, and finally, I am proud to say that I achieved a successful academic and social life at Peralta and can confidently say that my time here has been a success. As a community college student at Peralta, I have performed well in my classes with keeping 4.0 GPA, participated in many productive activities, devoted myself to the development and serving of my community, and developed great relationships with my peers and mentors. I sincerely believe that all these achievements were made possible by the strong bond with friends and the support of Peralta. I hope that more students will also experience the accomplishments and maturity that I have achieved while I am here at Peralta.

Through the Peralta Foundation Scholarship, I wanted to be recognized for my efforts in doing my best for a successful academic and social life at Peralta, and I wanted to motivate Peralta students as a good example of overcoming obstacles with endless efforts. Therefore, I applied for this scholarship since this was an opportunity that I hoped to both contribute to and benefit from. Finally, the Peralta Foundation Scholarship allowed me to focus on excelling in academia and to obtain successful results by providing this thankful financial support.

Sophie Camara (Laney College/Senegal) – International Bookcard Scholarship

I am writing to thank you for the International Student Book Card Scholarship I’ve been honored to receive in this Spring 2018. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this scholarship and I am deeply appreciative of your support. I am currently studying Humanities, Liberal Arts and Entrepreneurship. I plan to pursue a career in Consulting upon transferring to a 4 years University in the fall 2018. After graduating with a Bachelor Degree, I plan to pursue my higher education with a Master’s Degree and a PhD. By awarding me International Student Book Card Scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. You also have increased my motivation to work harder and persevere despite the challenges I encounter on my path. The financial assistance you provided will be of great help in paying my educational expenses. I can afford to pay for my books and school supplies, which will allow me to work more efficiently and release me from the financial dilemma I often have; between paying for my health treatment (as I have Sickle Cell Anemia and hypothyroid disease) or using my savings for my urgent college expenses. This scholarship is a great financial support and I feel really grateful for it. The Scholarship as well makes me feel honored and inspires my parents to be proud of my improvements in school as well. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I am working to help my community through the modest efforts I can contribute with. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. Thanks to you so much for helping me get one step closer to reaching my goals.

Thuong Hoai Dang (Laney College/Vietnam) – International Bookcard Scholarship

About the experience of being in Laney for almost 2 year. It’s so much fun to attend the community of knowledge with inspired professors and staffs. They truly love their job and try their best to build a friendly environment for students coming from different cultures. I also really appreciate the support of International Office teams. Thanks for working really hard to help with all kindness. Last but not least, I realize that Laney gives me opportunity to meet new people and learn new things in a different ways. This community is the ones that shaped me how I am today.

Yanhui Chen (Laney College/China) – International Bookcard Scholarship
What experience I want to share in the college is the tutoring. Since I already work as a math tutor for LRC center in the college of alameda’ library for 4 semesters and being a physics tutor in TRC center in Laney college for 2 semesters, the tutoring experience definitely improves  me a lot. It helps me to make more friends, to be outgoing and patient. The reason I insist on tutoring for almost 2 years is the first time I came to the math lab in college of alameda. When I was sitting in the math lab and been shy to ask question, the tutors came to me and asked me friendly. He encouraged me to come to the lab again, which gave me a strong motivation to being a tutor to help other students who cannot get help. As a civil engineering major, I interest in math and physics so I already took all the math and physics in our college. Also, I am the member of math club and the Multilingual ESL Squad club for helping ESL students to adapt American culture. And the reason why I applied this scholarship is that I can borrow the books or buy some notebooks in bookstore, which helps me on the academic study.

Quynh Nguyen (Laney College/Vietnam) – International Bookcard Scholarship

Laney College has provided a great environment for studying with lots of support. The professors are very friendly and helpful in explaining the lesson’s material. There is tutoring center and many events help me overcome study and language difficulties. I applied for this bookcard to get the books and other school supplies that are related to my subject.