Spring 2020 Enrollment Dates Available

Your spring 2020 enrollment dates are available through your Student Center. You can also view the Spring 2020 classes online as well. As always, we encourage that you enroll as soon as you can for your spring 2020 classes.

Post-Completion OPT

It’s not too late to apply for Post-Completion OPT! If you have petitioned to graduate for your Certificate or Associate’s Degree, you can apply through GPS. Email Drew Gephart (dgephart@peralta.edu) with any questions.

Health Insurance & Waivers

All F-1 international students are required to maintain health insurance during their study.  Students will automatically be enrolled into the Peralta international health insurance plan.

Our health insurance rates will keep the same monthly rate and should be posted to your Student Center soon. Please keep in mind that coverage will run through the end of July and will be $878.50 total.

There are a limited number of reasons to waive the mandatory health insurance fee. The Health Insurance Waiver must be completed by Friday January 17, 2020

Offices Closures

The OIE will be open a week after the semester ends: December 16 – December 20. Due to staffing shortages, we will not be open on Monday December 23rd.  Below is a recap of our days of operations:

  • November 11 (Veterans Day)
  • November 28/29 (Thanksgiving)
  • December 21 thru  January 1 (Winter Break)
  • Reopen: Thursday January 2nd


Travel home or out of the US this winter break?  Important information below

It is that time of year when some students are thinking about travelling home for the winter break.  As always, you will need to check in with either the BCC or Oakland office to get the back of your I-20 signed for travel.  Remember to bring your passport together with your I-20.  More information can be found in the handbook page 14


And we want you to be fully aware of the following, especially if you are going to have to apply for a new visa—remember you are applying for a new visa, not renewing a visa:

  1. All students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress which means maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  2. All students must be making progress in their academic plan. Usually students can complete an AA program in 2.5 years.

If you will need to apply for a new visa and your GPA is below 2.0 and / or you have had multiple program extensions, please consult with Office of International Education staff NOW and prior to booking a flight ticket.  We do not want you to travel and then be unable to return to complete your study here.

New Changes in Laws:  Change of Status to US Permanent Resident

International students are granted F-1 visa status to pursue education in the United States with the expectation that the student will return to their native county after completing their program of study.  Some students, though, find that their situation changes and that they submit an application to become a Permanent Resident (apply for a green card.)  There are important new changes in American law pertaining to public charge that students should be aware of—and we suggest students considering applying for permanent residence seek legal consultation or guidance.  More information can be found here: https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/public-charge

International Education Week (IEW)

Come participate in events at College of Alameda, Laney College, and Berkeley City College November 19-21.  IEW is celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide. Check out the OIE webpage for more information: https://web.peralta.edu/international/events