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JAPAN STUDY ABROAD – SPRING INTERSESSION 2019 – Business 72 Principles of Retailing (Merritt College)

May 24, 2019 - May 31, 2019

1) ONLINE APPLICATION/$1,000 Deposit (Deadline extended to March 20, 2019)Register Here– Please select: JAPAN (May 24-May 31, 2019) – Merritt College Business 72 (Principles of Retailing) – Simon Chan (

Please include copy of passport with deposit payment



Financial Aid Checklist for Study Abroad

Start a GoFundMe Page Here

COUNTRY: Japan (Tokyo)

COLLEGE/CLASS: Merritt College – Business 72 Principles of Retailing  – Spring Intersession 2019- Course #23460 – 3 TRANSFERABLE units (CSU credits, AA/AS Degree credits, Merritt Bus Major Course)

**This is a higher intensive walking tour, including hiking, about 6 miles each day**

DATES: May 24 – 31, 2019 (7 days in Japan), Followed by 2 Saturday session classes
on 6/8 and 6/15 (on campus at Merritt College to complete 3 Transferable credits of Business 72)

COST: $3,130 (Includes Flight*, Lodging, Meals, Transportation and Activities/Excursions)
*Flight cost subject to change based on fluctuation rates as of March 1, 2019 when all remaining flight costs are due.

Additional Expenses not included (paid separately): Travel insurance, passport (if you do not have one already), and enrollment fees for Business 72 Principles of Retailing (Course #43695) (3 units).


March 20, 2019$1,000 (non-Refundable held for flight)


March 29, 2019: $2,130 (Final Payment) (50% may be refunded if cancelled 30 days before program start date by April 24, 2019 at 11:59pm)

No Refunds will be provided after April 24, 2019 at 11:59pm.

All cancellations must be sent in writing via email to Drew Gephart at Cancellations are effective on the date and time they are received. A student must still submit their cancellation in writing to receive a refund, even if they miss a payment deadline. Deposit and cost of flight are non-refundable.

Deposit and Recurring Payments made by check to “Linden Travel”, subject “Japan Study Abroad”, and turned in person or mailed to:

Peralta Community College District
Office of International Education
333 East 8th Street
Oakland, CA
c/o Drew Gephart

Please include copy of passport with deposit payment.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Drew Gephart ( / 510-587-7834 and Simon Chan ( / 510-434-3819



COLLEGE/CLASS: Merritt College – Business 72 Principles of Retailing + Explore of Business world and culture in Japan – Spring Intersession 2019 –  Course #43695 (3 TRANSFERABLE CREDITS)

**This is a higher intensive walking tour, including hiking, about 6 miles each day**


Japan is a learning experience for any student; especially those studying science, technology, finance or industrial design are of interest to you. Japan is amongst the most technologically advanced in the world and its manufacturing of electronics, appliances and motor vehicles is quickly changing the world. It is home to companies like Nintendo and Toyota and is leading the world in scientific and technological research. Its stock exchange and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are amongst the most prestigious and aggressive in the world.

Japan is a country faithful to living life as a work of art. Its monuments, museums, communities and activities are all designed around a devotion to community, a commitment to intentional and particular work and an adherence to the influences of its historical culture. The country’s Shrines of Isla, traditional houses with tatami mats and sliding doors and Buddhist temples like Osorezon and Kiyomizudera provide visitors with ample reason to hop on one of its high-speed trains and tour throughout the regions. The seasonal marvels like Ueno Park’s cherry blossoms and Mount Kōya’s autumn leaves tempt visitors to stay for longer visits; and a unique sports scene including wonders such as sumo wrestling, karate and judo influence people to consider the art of athleticism.

Top Five Reasons to Study Abroad in Japan

  • Japan is the 2nd biggest retail market in the world that appreciate high quality and excellent service.
  • Japan’s shoppers overall show less interest in large shopping sprees but more interest in convenience such as anime, manga, and cyber game—why not brush up on your drawing skills, read a Japanese comic book and sing your heart out while you’re studying in Japan?
  • Many households in Japan spent more time and money purchasing food items to consume at home rather than spending money at restaurants. Living in a large Japanese city will expose you to its dynamic culture, heritage and world-renowned cuisine.
  • Price competition is more intense and is a major feature of supermarket business in Japan by reducing costs and improving their infrastructure. How does it work?
  • The advertising study field in Japan offers an opportunity to participate in the country’s beautiful design industry

Day 1: Fly overnight to Japan

Day 2: Tokyo

  • Meet your Program Director at the airport
  • Transfer to accommodation

Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ) is a discount chain store that has over 160 locations throughout Japan as well as three stores in Hawaii.[2] It carries a wide range of products, from basic groceries to electronics to clothing. The store is well known in Japan and is often referred to by its shortened name Donki (ドンキ). Distinctly, Don Quijote tends to keep very late hours for Japanese retailing (to 3 or 5am, or even 24 hours) and it packs its goods from ceiling to floor in a distinct merchandising strategy.

STUDY: What is the different of retailer structure from US retailer model?

Day 3

Discover the beauty and hidden wonders of Mt. Fuji on this easy day tour from Tokyo. Take a scenic bus ride and stop at Gotemba Premium Outlets. Browse through 120 international brands and food options.

Stop at Oshino Hakkai, a quaint village built on a former lake that dried out centuries ago. Snowmelt from Mt. Fuji feeds its scenic eight ponds, giving life to colorful flowers all year round.

Visit Lake Kawaguchi, and see Mt. Fuji reflected in the lake’s still waters. Uncover the hidden beauty of Japan’s mountain on this day tour!

STUDY: Compare the difference of business culture with Yoshinoya and McDonald

Day 4: Tokyo: Modern area in Tokyo

Odaiba was born from reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay in the southeastern part of Tokyo. It attracts mostly young people as a new amusement spot in the city. The name Odaiba means a “platform site.” It derives its name from the installation of a platform for a marine cannon battery that was constructed in haste to meet the sudden need for the defense of Tokyo (called Edo at that time) after the unexpected appearance of the black steel ships from the United States in 1853 commanded by Commodore Perry.

The center of Odaiba is Aquacity Odaiba. It includes a shopping mall with a 300-meter-long boutique street, a multi-flex cinema that employs the latest acoustic and screen technologies, and a gourmet zone that stretches over 15,000 square meters, which is obviously the largest such zone in Japan.

Major attractions of Odaiba are dotted along the Yurikamome Line, a new unmanned traffic system that crosses Rainbow Bridge to connect Shimbashi Station with Odai

Mega Web – a Toyota showroom (part of Palette Town) where you can try out Toyota’s newest models (including Lexus). You can also take a ride on an electric vehicle, so bring your Japanese or international driving license with you

 Study: How the new technology apply on automobile industry. How to promote its product into worldwide market.

Study: What wholesaler in seafood products

Local Onsen (hot spring) experience

If you are keen on Japanese culture, or looking for a place to relax while travelling, Onsen is one thing you should definitely try in Japan. If you are wondering which Onsen resorts are recommended or nearby your travel destination, please check out our list of top Onsen resorts in Japan with Japan Onsen Map, and find the best Onsen for you!

STUDY: What is the gimmick to attract visitor in Onsen structure?

Day 4: Tokyo
Daily Theme: Japanese Culture, Past and Present

Visit the Meiji Shinto Shrine

Shinto shrine (神社 jinja, archaic: shinsha, meaning: “place of the god(s)”[1]) is a structure whose main purpose is to house (“enshrine”) one or more Shinto (神道 Shintōkami.[2] Its most important building is used for the safekeeping of sacred objects, and not for worship

Study: Why tourist will visit this temple?

  1. Participate in Harajuku

Over 100 boutiques jostle for attention in the multi-storey Laforet mall, which has been the ground zero of Harajuku fashion – and a bastion of Lolita-style cutesiness – for over 30 years

Study: culture of cross-play and retailer culture

Pokemon, Totoro and Dragon Ball magic at Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City

Sunshine City was built with the concept of a “city within a city”, that is, a building with virtually all the facilities you can think of housed under one roof. It was opened in 1978 and has not only food and shopping options, but also indoor theme parks, as well as an aquarium, planetarium and a sky deck.

Study: How Pokemon GO made everyone crazy in the World?

Day 5: Tokyo

Tsukiji Guide Tour takes about 2 hours. At first you will go to the wholesale site “Tsukiji Inner Market”, then you will go to the retailing site “Tsukiji Outer Market”.

Study: How Japanese and visitors enjoy the freshest sushi in one place.

  • Walking tour of the Asakusa Area:

Asakusa (浅草) is a district in TaitōTokyo, Japan, famous for the Sensō-ji, a Buddhist temple dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon. There are several other temples in Asakusa, as well as various festivals, such as the Sanja Matsuri.

Study: Discover another Asakusa that only locals know. Visit family-owned hidden gems and try the great local food on our food tour in Asakusa

  • Tokyo Skytree;
  • MariCAR Shinagawa (optional: must have international driver license)

Alongside our Formula Race Car, we have also on display an Electric Go Kart. The go kart was designed and built by the DreamEDGE innovation team and is capable to reach a top speed of over 50 kilometre per hour.

STUDY: How does Nintendo make the dream come true?

Option 2( without driver license): Ueno Zoo:

One of Japan’s most beloved zoos, Ueno Zoo includes many unusual animals, such as Hokkaido brown beans, Japanese macaques, and wild cormorants.  

Day 6: Tokyo
Daily Theme: Visit a technology showroom

  1. Take a walking tour of the Akihabara District

TAKARASAGASHI is a figure shop in Akihabara the sells premium, high quality figures. Here is a message from the shop staff to TOM users: “We have an abundant selection of figures and goods.

Study: Model toys for all age collectors

  1. SEGA arcade was chosen as the first in ‘The 20 Coolest Arcades in the World’ ranking by American media. 
    Let me introduce you this ‘Cool SEGA Arcade’

Study: Cyber game development in the future

  1. Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya

“The art of replica foods is not only for display windows.” Using a symbolic shape of Spaghetti Napolitan raised with a fork as a motif, it expresses the origin and role of replica foods. The brand color in an orange-based warm color tone shows the image of the warmth of the handicrafts and brilliance of replica foods.

Study: compare the art of replica foods with 3D printer artwork in retailing business

Day 7: Yokohama

Daily Theme: Ramen Culture and history

  • Visit the Ramen Museum in Yokohama

Study: back to 60’s Japan, what’s the different of noodle issues

  • Cup Noodle Museum

The Cup Noodles Museum is a fun and interactive museum in Yokohama‘s Minato Mirai District that shows the history of instant ramen noodles using a combination of whimsical exhibits and hands on workshops. It was opened by the Nissin Food company, whose founder invented instant ramen noodles in 1958 as a fast and convenient food.

Study: The little idea became a largest Ramen production in the World

  • Kirin Beer Yokohama Beer Village

As beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan there are plenty of interesting beers and beer history to discover. Kirin Yokohama Beer Village is one of nine factories of the Japan Kirin Group

Study: offering views from above through observation windows of various parts of the manufacturing process. How Beer or beer-like happoshu beverages are the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan?

Day 8: Tokyo
Depart for Home

Narita International Airport

With the changes check-in has become much more efficient and security lines are usually fast. So there is more time for browsing and shopping in the airport. The good news is that NAA, the operator of the airport, has been upgrading the shopping experience. In particular, Terminal 1 shopping has been upgraded with fresh new shops with unique products,

Study: Create your idea to start a store at SFO airport, how can you attract customer’s eye.


Time: Spring 2019 Intersession (2 weekends in class course included 8 days trip in Japan)

Price: The trip cost including flight, hotel (double room), transportation, insurance, meals (breakfast and dinner) (excluded tuition of 3 units and textbook)

This price includes:

Five nights half-board accommodation

All flights inclusive of tax

JR pass for transportation within Japan

Detailed information pack

Group T-shirt

Comprehensive travel and medical insurance

Itinerary planning service

Requirement: current Peralta Community College student, US Passport, unlocked smart phone (android or iphone), international driver license ($20 from DMV) if you want to drive Mario K car(not included) in Tokyo city

What you will learn from this trip:
1. Tokyo city retail business
2. Robots, gadgets and latest technology
3. Castles, temples and city attraction
4. Efficient transportation network
5. Japanese food and drink business
6. Manga & animation culture and business
7. Historical vs Modern Architectures
8. Japanese traditional art & business

Prof SIMON CHAN, Bus instructor at Merritt College, has 20 years of experience traveling in Japan included “Cycling around Japan in 15 Days”, He was a Sales Excutive for an international trading entrepreneurship in China, Indonesia and Hong Kong. He was a guest speaker in Asian Television Hong Kong for a tourist Programs to share his tavel experience in Greece and Russia.

All students participating in this program will need to complete the following:

  1. Pre-Travel Study Abroad Information Form
  2. Enroll in the course associated with this program through Merritt College (Course #43695 – Business 72 Principles of Retailing Spring 2019)
  3. Check with the Financial Aid Office to see if you are eligible for Aid and review this Financial Aid Checklist for Study Abroad
  4. Apply for Scholarships through the Peralta Colleges Foundation
  5. Read and sign Study Abroad Assumption of Risks, WAIVER AND RELEASE AGREEMENT, &  STANDARDS OF STUDENT CONDUCT
  6. Apply for a Passport (if you do not have one already – Check expiration date on Passport as well)
  7. Read our Pre-Departure Handbook
  8. Register with the US Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) –
  9. Attend mandatory pre-departure orientations (Dates: TBD)
  10. Obtain proper immunizations as listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website –


May 24, 2019
May 31, 2019
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