Friendship Families Program

What is the Friendship Families program?

Our newest cultural exchange program connects international students with families in the community on a monthly basis to share life together.

During monthly visits, participants can share a meal, tour the city, watch the ball game together, visit museums, attend a holiday event, visit the family place of worship, play in a family game night, watch a movie and discuss the cultural implications, or participate in a family vacation. The opportunities are as endless as your imagination.

Friendship Families is not a homestay program. Students will not be living with or working for the participating family. The goal is to create a safe place for students to visit on a monthly basis to learn about American family values, experience a cultural exchange, increase their social network, learn new customs, and experience new family traditions while also strengthening the relationship between the student’s country of origin and America.

Friendship Families will start this spring 2017 semester. If interested, please sign up today:

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