Study Abroad Financial Aid/Scholarships

Please contact Drew Gephartat for more information

On Wednesday, November 5th, the Office of International Education hosted a Study Abroad Financial Aid Workshop. A special thanks to Dave Nguyen, Director of Financial Aid, for providing valuable information on the financial aid process (Study Abroad Financial Aid Presentation (11-5-14)).

We will continue to explore the financial aid/scholarship options that are available to you who are interested in studying abroad. Click here for Study Abroad Financial Aid FAQs

To assist students wishing to use their Peralta financial aid for a study abroad program, attached is a Study Abroad Financial Aid Application form. This form will allow our office to communicate with the financial aid office that you are planning to be a study abroad student through one of our programs.

There are many study abroad scholarships available for you to apply for as well. Here are a few links:

Peralta Colleges Foundation

Hostelling International Travel Grant:

API Study Abroad –

California Colleges for International Education (CCIE)

Fund for Education Abroad –

Gilman Scholarship Program

Go Overseas: Study + Intern Abroad Scholarship:

Go Overseas: Volunteer Abroad Scholarship: – –

Study Abroad Scholarship Database –