ESL Program

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Peralta Colleges offer ESL classes for students who are unable to demonstrate that they have not met the TOEFL, IELTS, iTEP or other language test score results to be admitted to Associate level classes.

Our ESL program is offered by each of our colleges (and not by a separate language schools or institution) and lead directly to our AA classes.

Please check the Class Schedule to see a complete listing of the ESL classes being offered each semester

ESL Program Core Classes consists of 14 units per semester:

There are additional courses offered each semester such as Vocabulary and IdiomsPronunciation, Writing Workshops, Spelling and more!

*Berkeley City College only offers High Intermediate and Advanced level courses. In order at BCC, you must place into these levels.

*ESL Classes at Berkeley City College begin two weeks after our start date while all other ESL classes start at the beginning of each term.

Assessment/Placement Exam

Each student must take a placement exam upon arrival in order to determine which classes they are ready to enroll in. After completing the test, you must meet with an international student counselor to determine your ESL levels. It is possible to place into ENGL 1A by taking the ESL assessment test.

Students who have attended and completed an assessment test or English classes at a U.S. university or community college may not have to take the placement test again. Meet with a counselor (bring your transcripts/test results) for placement.

Click here for more information on Assessment/Orientation