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Q: How to use your Peralta Account?

A: Your Peralta Email User ID and password can give you the access to the following resources:

1.  Access your Peralta email. 

 By using Outlook Web Access (OWA) [from any web browsers]


2.  PROMT/Passport access.

Access from Peralta Network:

Access from non-Peralta Netowrk via Web VPN:


Q: How to change the password for your Peralta account?

A: You can change your email password by using OWA. (Click here for instructions)


Q: How to set the default term in My Faculty Center for Passport ?

A: Click here for instructions


Q: How to set up your iPhone to access your Peralta email?

A: Click here for instructions


Q: What is the Email Server Setting for SmartPhone?

A:  You can select one of the settings below with SSL enable


Q: How to Configure Mac Mail?

A: Click here for instructions


Q: How to set Entourage 2008 in Exchange Mode?

A: Click here for instructions


Q: How to access Microsoft Forefront Online SPAM filtering system?

A: Click here for instructions


Q: Does Peralta Offer Student email?

A: Yes.  To access your student email account by going to

a) Use your Passport User ID and add for login ID (ex:
b) The password is the same as your Passport password on first login. Your username and password are ALL LOWER CASE


For more information, please visit


Q: How can I request Student Administration Access?

A: If your job require you to have Student Administration Access, you need to download and fill out the new Student Administration Security Access Form.

1.  Complete each field electronically with the appropriate information
2.  Save the form onto your computer for your records
3.  The completed form MUST be emailed as an attachment from the First Level Manager’s Peralta Email
account to or it will not be approved.
4.  Security access will be made pending review and approval by Peralta Security Administration


Q: When I log into Passport or PROMT, I see “spinning wheels” in the main work area and the page never finishes loading. 

A: Enable Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer

1. In the upper-right corner of Internet Exlorer, click the gear icon.  A menu will open.


2. Click on Compatibility View settings.


3. In the Compatibility View Settings, enter ‘’ (without the quotes)

4. Click Add

5. Click Close

6. Restart Internet Explorer


Q:  How to Enable Cookies in IE 11


1)   Click Gear on the top right of the screen select Internet Options
2)   Select Internet Options
3)   Click the Privacy tab
4)   Click the Advanced button
5) Check the Override automatic cookie handling box
6) Check the options circle in red


Q:  How long after I submit my CCCApply application will I be able to login & register?

A: You should be able to retrieve your User ID / password within 24 hours after your application is submitted. If you are not able to retrieve your User ID / password please send an email to Please be aware that if you have taken classes at Peralta in the past your application will be matched with our existing records. If there is a mismatch on social security number and or date-of-birth your application will be flagged and Admission & Records will need to manually process your application. If your application is flagged you will receive an email requesting that you contact A&R so that your application process can be completed.


Q: I have tried to log in but my Student Login or password is not working. What do I do?

A:  Remember passwords are case sensitive; make sure your caps lock key is not on. Your student login is same as student ID.

If you need to verify that you are using the correct user ID and password, click the Click here to retrieve your User Id and Password link on the login page.


Q:  How can I retrieve to my Passport User ID and Password?

A:  Please click here to watch a video tutorial


Q:  I am trying to get to the login page, but the page does not display correctly. What can I do?

1)  Check to make sure you are at
2)  Clear your browser’s cache and retry.
3)  Confirm you have the correct browser requirements.

Clear IE Cache Screenshot 1

4)  Attempt to replicate the steps using a different browser

 Clear IE Cache ScreenShot 2

5)  Close the instance of Internet Explorer.
6)  Open a new instance of Internet Explorer and try to log in again.
7)  If you are still having problems logging in, reboot your computer and try logging in again.


Q:  How to clear cache in Firefox version 21.0


1)  Completely exit Firefox by closing all browser windows.
2)  Open a new instance of Firefox
3)  Hit “Ctrl-Shift-Del” or follow the screenshot below

Clear Firefox Cache Screenshot 1

4)  Check off “Cookies” and “Cache” and hit “Clear Now”

Clear Firefox Cache Screenshot 2




Please contact the Help Desk if you need further assistance.

Help Desk Hotline: (510) 587-7800