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How to Archive Email

How to Archive Your Email by Microsoft Outlook

Email storage space is not infinite.  You will fill up your mailbox sooner or later.  You will not be able to receive or send any new emails if your mailbox is full.  Archiving can remove old emails from the server to your hard drive, which can help to reduce your Outlook mailbox size.  You will still be able to access archived email. You can also copy the archived email folder to computer for viewing or backup.  Archiving email can only be performed in Microsoft Outlook. It can not be done in Outlook Web Access (OWA). This process can be done either manually or automatically

To Archive your email manually:

1. On the File Menu, select Archive

2. Choose Archive this folder and all the subfolders in the Archive Dialog box.

(Select a folder if you just want to archive that specific folder, or select Mailbox to archive everything in the server).

3. In the Archive items older than list, choose a date from the calendar by click on the arrow next to the date.

4. If you want to include items set with “Do not AutoArchive”(refer to Archive your email automatically section), select the Include Items with “Do not AutoArchive” Checked check box. 

5. Leave the archive folder to the default location and click OK.

(Depending on the amount of emails you will archive, it may make take several minutes to an hour to complete)