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Setup iphone to access Peralta Email

How To Set Up your iPhone to access your Peralta Email


1.    From the main Iphone screen select Settings, then select Mail, Contacts Calendars

2.    Select Add Account… and choose Microsoft Exchange.

3.   Enter your email address (e.g. in the Email field.

4.   Enter peralta in the domain field

5.    Enter your username (e.g. testuser in the Username field.

6.     Enter your email password in the Password box.  (Your email password is the same password you use to log in to ?aka Webmail ?and PROMT.)

 7.     You can enter anything in the Description field. If you choose not to put anything, it will use your email address for the description.


8.   The iPhone will now try to automatically discover your Exchange server.  This will fail and warn you that it couldn’t validate your account.  You will have to manually enter your server name in the window.  The server address is the following:


9. After enter the server address, click the next button.  If you see a message about certificate, select the accept button.

10. Select the services you wish to sync, then select the Save button.