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The General Counsel serves as the staff attorney for the Peralta Community College District and reports directly to the Governing Board through the Chancellor. The General Counsel represents the Peralta Colleges in litigation, arbitration, and administrative proceedings.

The General Counsel provides legal advice to the Governing Board, the Chancellor, managers, faculty, and staff. However, at no time will an attorney]client relationship exist with any person or organization other than the Governing Board and those individuals acting vicariously on behalf of the Governing Board. The General Counsel does not represent any individual Board member, the Chancellor, or any individual manager. Thus, any written legal opinion requested by a Board member will be shared with the full Governing Board; any request by the Chancellor may be shared with the full Governing Board; and any request by a manager may be shared with the Chancellor.

The following are responsibilities, inter alia, of the General Counsel:

  • Provides legal services required in all areas of law affecting the Peralta Colleges.
  • Coordinates and reviews specialized legal services provided by outside counsel.
  • Prepares formal and informal opinions, drafts proposed legislation and regulations, and drafts and reviews contracts and instruments effecting transfers of property and all other legal documents.
  • Attends and provides legal advice at all meetings of the full Governing Board and other such meetings as the Board may direct through the Chancellor.
  • Serves as a liaison with other governmental entities in the area of legal affairs.
  • Serves as the legal advisor to the Board Policy Review Committee.
  • Serves as the custodian of all FPPC Form 700 disclosure documents required for Board members and applicable employees of the Peralta Colleges.
  • Assumes the legal role of Contract Administrator for the Peralta Colleges by developing and implementing a system of accountability on contract administration, and thereby has line authority to ensure full compliance.
  • Plans and conducts legal trainings.
  • Supervises the staff of the Office of the General Counsel, including the Risk Manager and other professional, legal research and clerical staff.
  • Serves as a member of the Chancellor’s executive staff and Strategic Management Team.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Chancellor and the Governing Board through the Chancellor.

General Counsel is the agent for service of process for the Peralta Community College District, its Board of Trustees, its Colleges, the Chancellor, and any administrator who is being sued in his/her official capacity at the Peralta Colleges.




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    Wednesday 15 August 2018
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