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Payroll FAQs

Q: What services does PCCD Payroll Services provide?

A: Payroll services acts as a liaison to the District community as well as to Federal, State and local authorities. Some of the services provided include:

  • Monitor and implement payroll tax law changes
  • Work closely with Human Resources, Benefits Department and Business Offices to process employee changes
  • Maintain employee payroll records
  • Work closely with Accounting to post Payroll transactions to GL
  • Manage payroll audit requirements
  • Process mandated documents (W-4, DE4, voluntary elections such as 403b and 457 elections, as well as non voluntary elections such as pension, wage withholding orders)
  • Process and distribute checks and advice slips
  • Process stop payments of lost or stolen paychecks
  • Issue W-2s  and replacement of lost W-2s


Q: How do I contact payroll department, where are you located?

A: The phone number is 510-466-7200, press#4, then press 2 (financial services)

The payroll department is located at: 333 East 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94606


Q: Do I contact Payroll for the status of my Financial Aid check?

A: No, payroll does not administer financial aid. Please inquire at your campus cashier.


Q: When are payroll checks issued?

A: Pay Days are based on your pay group

Pay Group Description Pay group Pay period Covered Pay Day
Administrators ADM Monthly Last business Day of the same month
Board of Trustees BTS Monthly Last business Day of the same month
10 month Faculty P10 Monthly Last business Day of the same month
11 month Faculty P11 Monthly Last business Day of the same month
12 month Faculty P12 Monthly Last business Day of the same month
Part-time Instructor PCA Monthly Last business Day of the same month
Extra Service (regular faculty 10, 11,12 month) EXS Monthly Last business Day of the same month
Returning Certificated Retirees PRR Monthly Last business Day of the same month
Regular Classified who are part-time instructor RCA Monthly Last business Day of the same month
Regular Classified RCL Monthly Last business Day of the same month
Returning Classified Retirees PRC 16th to 15th of following month Last business Day of the same month
Part-time Temporary Classified PCT 16th to 15th of following month Last business Day of the same month
Student Workers PCS Monthly Paid on the 15th of following month
Student Trustees PST 16th to 15th of following month Last business Day of the ending month


Q: Am I always paid in arrears or after work is performed?

A: All Peralta Community College District employees are paid in arrears or after service is performed:

  • Monthly employees are paid at the end of the month of service. Pay period begin is the first of the month, pay period end is the last day of the month and the pay Day is the last business day of the month.
  • Student employees are paid for actual hours worked for the period beginning on the 1st of the month through the final day of the month and paid on the 15th of the following month. The 15 day lag time is an administrative period for campus review, approval in addition to payroll processing of actual hours worked.


Q: I am a part-time instructor, how often will I be paid during the spring term?

A: Five times (5 consecutive months): at the end of each month during the spring term. Payments are made in January, February, March April and May.


Q: I am a part-time instructor, how often will I be paid during the fall term?

A: Four times (4 consecutive months): at the end of each month during the fall term. Payments are made in September, October, November and December


Q: I started teaching in August, but I didn’t receive August pay. How will I be paid for my instructional work performed in August?

A: According to the CBA, pay is calculated for fall term in four equal installments. Four monthly payments September through December represent the total pay due to you in four equal installments, not according to actual hours or actual months of the term.


Q: I began teaching, why haven’t I been paid?

A: You may need to check with your Dean and Department Chair. Timely addition of class hours to your schedule provides the data payroll requires in order for processing instructional pay. In addition, if you are new to Peralta, check with your Dean or Department to ensure your hire paperwork has been sent to the Office of Human Resources.


Q: Can I expect to see office hours on my check?

A: This pay is not automatic, contact the office of instruction on your campus. Once your campus office of instruction determines that certain criteria has been met, it will be added to your schedule and processed by Payroll.


Q: I didn’t receive my stipend payment, why?

A: Instructional staff needs to turn in a time sheet and obtain approval from their Dean prior to a stipend is paid. Please check with the office that submitted your request to ensure your request was approved and submitted timely for payroll processing.


Q: My teaching hours are not displayed on my pay statement, how may I determine how I am paid?

A:  The formula to calculate your pay is as follows:

1. The total amount of the term = weekly work load multiply by hourly rate multiply 17.5 weeks (fixed factor) then multiply by 0.8 (for lab hours) or 0.5 (for non teaching work) finally multiply by your hourly rate to arrive at term total.

2. Divide the term total amount over:

5 for spring (regular schedule) or 4 for fall (regular schedule)

One lump sum will be paid at the end of July for summer term. If the schedule is extended beyond the first week of August, payment  may be prorated.


Q: My pay statement shows earnings for Three Equated Hours, what does it represent?

A: Verify your workload and FTE %. Equated Load Policy is found in the PCCD and PFT Collective bargaining agreement. Less or more equated hours are defined in your contract. Please consult with your union representative.


Q: Why is there a PFTPF deduction, on my paycheck?

A: This is a Peralta Federation Teachers union fee, it is a mandatory deduction. If you have questions, please contact your union representative.


Q What is the STRCB deduction on my check?

A: This is the deduction for California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) Cash Balance plan that you elected to contribute 4% of your gross pay. PCCD contributes a matching 4% to your account.


Q: What is the STRDB deduction on my check?

A: This is a deduction for California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) Defined Benefit plan. Participants contribute 10.25% of creditable compensation. PCCD contributes a matching 12.58% to your account.


Q: When I was hired, I elected to participate in the CalSTRS Cash Balance plan; may I switch to the Defined benefit plan?

A: Yes, you may switch to Defined Benefits, however, once you elect Defined Benefit plan you can not return to the Cash Balance program.


Q: What is the PERS deduction on my check?

A: This is a deduction for California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS). Participants contribute 7% of creditable compensation. PCCD contributes a matching 13.888% to your account.


Q: What is the APPLE deduction on my check?

A:  This a deduction for Accumulation Program for Part-time and Limited Service Employees (APPLE): managed by Mid-America. Participants contribute 3.75%. PCCD contributes a matching 3.75% to your account.


Q: How can I change my home address?

A: You may update your address by filling out a change of address form and sending it to the Office of Human Resources. You can find the form by visiting the following website: and click the “Change of Address” link for further instructions. Personnel records are managed by the HR department.


Q: I changed my address with Student Records, why didn’t my address for the payroll records change?

 A: The Student Records and HR/PR are two different systems; therefore, you need to must make changes with both offices.


Q: Why didn’t I receive my overtime or shift differential on my paycheck?

A: To inquire about the status of your overtime or shift differential, please contact the department for which you worked. Payroll can only process information your department has approved and submitted for processing.


Q: Why is my step increase not showing on my paycheck?

A: Please contact Human Resources, to ensure your step increase is processed.


Q: How can I change my bank account for my direct deposit?

A: You may update your direct deposit information online at

Or you may complete a Salary Deposit Form and provide us the new bank information. You may elect to deposit your paycheck into multiple banks and accounts. The form(s) needs to be received in the payroll office by the 5th of the month in order to be processed for the monthly payroll.


Q: What do I do if I had to close the bank account into which my salary was being deposited, but I didn’t inform the Payroll Office?

A: Please contact the payroll office as soon as possible to inform them about your new bank account.


Q: How do I replace a lost paycheck?

A: Payroll staff will verify with the county that the check has not been cashed and remains outstanding. You will need to complete a W9 Form and vendor application to begin the replacement process. This process may take up to 15 business days to complete.


Q: Under what circumstances may I request a salary advance?

A: Salary advances are for medical emergencies and loss only. An advance will not be processed for rent, car repairs, public transportation or moves. All advances require your department heads approval.  This means if there is no records of days worked in the month, you may not be advanced payroll earnings.  Salary advance can not exceed 90% of net earnings.


Q: I requested a salary advance four months ago, may I request another one now?

A: No, Emergency salary advances are only permitted, when applicable, once in a six month period.


Q How and where do I receive my payroll check?

A: Student employees must pick-up checks at your campus cashier office. If you work at the district office, please pick them up at the payroll office. You will be asked to provide picture identification. Please have your ID available.


Q: I have direct deposit and can view my pay statement online, why do I continue to receive a copy in the mail?

A: You must authorize print suppression by clicking or checking the box on the direct deposit authorization form to stop receiving a mailed copy.  Print, sign and submit the form to: Payroll Office at 333 E 8th Street. Oakland, CA   94606


Q: How do I obtain a summary of earnings for either the current or prior years?

A: If you are a current employee, you may access your current and year-to-Day earnings online on Prompt  After you log on, select the My Page Tab.

View PaySlip is on the lower left section of the page. Select the period you’d like to view or print.  Former employees will need to contact the Payroll Office via email, phone, or come to the office to request the year or years you need. If you plan to pick them up, you are required to provide a form of picture identification.


Q: How much may I contribute to my supplemental retirement account?

A: The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 increases the amount employees may contribute to tax-deferred savings plans. It also allows employees to contribute to a tax deferred annuity (ex: TIAA-CREF) without coordinating amounts. This means that employees who choose to do so may contribute the maximum amount allowed by law to each plan. The normal contribution limit, which applies to both tax-deferred annuity and deferred compensation programs, is 100% of salary to the maximum of $18,000 for 2017.  Employees are eligible to contribute an additional amount if they are age 50 or over. The additional amount for 2017 is $6,000


Q: I expected to see more tax withholding, what can I do to increase the withholding?

A: Tax withholding is calculated on your form W-4 election. Your election is applied to monthly pay you receive. You may elect to change your elected allowance or claim an additional amount to be deducted. Contact your tax advisor or tax accountant for advice on how to best complete a form W-4 for your personal situation.


Q: How do I change my Allowances of Exemptions for federal taxes?

A: You may update your allowances or exemptions online at

Print the W4 form, sign and send to Payroll Department, 333 East 8th Street, Oakland CA   94606


Q: What do I do if I lost my W-2 form or never received it?

A: Contact the payroll office, any payroll staff member may assist you. You will receive a copy. In order to collect a copy you must present a valid picture ID.


Q: How will I receive my W2 Form if I leave Peralta Community College District?

A: Please be sure to contact Human Resources before leaving so you may be instructed on how to change your address before or after you leave.


Q: What are the tax rates for 2017?

A:  Social Security:

  • Employee Social Security tax rate: 6.2%
  • Employer Rate remains at 6.2%
  • Maximum Wage Base: $127,200


  • Employee Medicare tax rate: 1.45%
  • There is no wage base limit for Medicare tax – all covered wages are subject to Medicare tax

State and Federal Rates vary as they are based on your Form W-4 elections.

Please explain the various sections of my pay statement:

A: Your pay statement contains the following sections:

  1. Pay Period: Your regular pay and normal deductions are for the Pay Period indicated here. Your earnings may be increased or decreased based on certain events (such as eligible overtime worked, shift pay, or unpaid time off) that occurred between the Pay Begin and Pay End Day.
  2. Employee ID: This is your Employee ID number in the Payroll System. Your Department Name and Number. The Location Code represents the payroll distribution area within your department that distributes your direct deposit advice or paycheck. Your job title is also listed here.
  3. Tax Data: Your federal tax withholding status is shown here, along with the number of allowances you have claimed and any additional withholding you have requested.
  4. Hours and Earnings: Shows your earnings for the current pay period and for the year to Day. Any additional earnings for the pay period are also reflected.
  5. Taxes: Includes federal withholding, Medicare (MED/EE) and Social Security (OASDI/EE) taxes.
  6. Before-Tax Deductions: These items are deducted from your pay before federal withholding and, in some cases, before Medicare and Social Security taxes are calculated. Includes the cost of benefits you selected and contributions to your retirement account(s).
  7. After-Tax Deductions: Any other items withheld from your pay, such as additional insurance deduction, local 1021 dues and fees or Peralta Federation Contributions . These amounts are deducted from your pay after federal withholding; Medicare and Social security taxes are calculated.
  8. Employer-Paid Benefits: Show the value of any benefits paid by Peralta Community College District, such as employer paid portion of retirement, or employer paid portion of medical insurance costs.
  9. Federal Taxable Gross: The amount of pay that is subject to federal withholding tax. This is your current total earnings minus your current total before-tax deductions.   
  1. Net Pay Total: Your net pay is your current total gross pay minus your current total before-tax deductions, current total taxes and current after-tax deductions. This is your “take-home” pay.
  2. Direct Deposit Distribution: For direct deposit, this area shows how  much was credited to your bank, savings and loan or credit union account(s). The total of all amounts will equal your Net Pay Total (see #10 above). If you do not have direct deposit, this section is your actual paycheck.




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