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PCCD Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

Peralta Community College District (PCCD) Board Policies and Administrative Procedures are developed, updated, and maintained by the District General Counsel’s Office working with the entire PCCD personnel. The General Counsel serves as the staff attorney for the Peralta Community College District and reports directly to the Governing Board through the Chancellor.  The General Counsel represents the Peralta Colleges in litigation, arbitration, and administrative proceedings.   PCCD Board Policies and Administrative Procedures can be found online at

A comprehensive set of policies and procedures regarding campus crimes prevention, reporting, and follow-up procedures can be found in PCCD Board Polices.  For example:


Chapter 2: Organization for Administration  
  Orderly Conduct in the Peralta Community College District 2.30
    Preserving a Drug-Free Workplace 2.32
  Preserving a Drug-Free Campus for Students 2.32.1
Crime Awareness and Campus Security 2.45
Chapter 3: Personnell
Sexual Harassment 3.04
Civility and Mutual Respect 3.12
Grievance Procedures 3.66
Chapter 4: Student Personnell Services
Policy Prohibiting Discrimination Including Sexual and 4.02
Racial Harassment and Discrimination Harassment Student Code of Conduct, Discipline and Due Process 4.40
 Student Grievance Policy 4.43
Chapter 6: Business Services
 Health and Safety Policy 6.60
Sexual Assault Policy 6.66
Disasters  6.70
Emergency Projects 6.88

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