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Staff Development Officer Miriam Zamora-Kantor,  

Warmly welcoming our new Chancellor, Dr. Jowel Laguerre!

District Flex Day August 19, 2015

 Laney College

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Who is Eligible?
Professional Development leave, with pay, may be granted to regular faculty members for the purpose of carrying out an approved program which will benefit the District, students, the college and the faculty member.  The faculty member must have completed at least six (6) consecutive years of regular faculty service preceding the granting of the leave.

How do I apply?
Please look for an informational workshop held at each campus next semester.  The workshop will inform interested faculty members about the application procedure and selection process.

College Professional Development Chairs:

This list will be updated soon.
Gabe Winer BCC
Rochelle Olive, COA
Kathleen Pappert, Laney
Audrey Trotter, Merritt

Where can I locate more information about Sabbaticals in the PCCD?
PFT contract Article 26, pages 1-6