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Welcome to the Staff Development home page!

In Peralta, we have a number of ways that we support professional development for staff, faculty, and administration, but we can always be doing better. To do this, we’ve sent out a Peralta Professional Development (S18) Survey that will be used by Professional Development Committees and the Staff Development Officer to understand our district’s needs and interests before planning the Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 Academic year.

We’re also launching a One Peralta, One Book initiative to give focus to our work, encourage collaboration, and highlight strategies for improving student reading through Reading Apprenticeship or similar curricula.

College Staff Development Pages:

Upcoming Events:

  • Fall 2018 District Flex Day is Thursday, August 16, 2018.

Proposed Communities of Practice:

  • Open Educational Resources (COA OER and BCC OER)
  • Distance Education and Equity
  • Learning Communities
  • Building a Trauma-Informed Institution
  • Accelerated Learning