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Spring 2019: College Midterm Flex Day Agendas

18 March 2019

Hello Peralta,

Here are the college midterm flex agendas:

Berkeley City College

College of Alameda

Laney College

Merritt College

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Professional Development Newsletter and District Flex Day Debrief (Th, 1/24/19)

24 January 2019

Hello Peralta,

I hope the start of your spring term is going well!  If you haven’t already done so, please fill out this Spring 2019 Flex Day Evaluation for the District’s Professional Development day on Thursday, 1/17/19.

(workshops: Classified Leadership, Community Events, and Reading Apprenticeship)

Thank you to all those who attended and participated in the District Flex on Thursday or your college flex days on Friday. According to the morning sign-ins at the Laney Theater, we had nearly 200 people in the Theater with half from Laney and the rest divided between the three other colleges and the district offices. Almost 100 of the attendees were full-time faculty with part-time faculty, classified professionals, and administrators, and by lunchtime, a number of others arrived just in time for our late morning workshops or lunchtime discipline and area meetings.

Here are a few links if you’d like to dive-in:

If you have any additional materials from these workshops or presentations, please send them to me to post on our website!

Articles, Events, and Links

Column Advancement
  • Finished with Course?: If you have completed courses that you would like to apply toward column advancement, you MUST turn in those transcripts to HR by the end of the 4th week of instruction in order to have those changes included in this term’s pay checks. Please do it sooner if possible.
  • Undergraduate Courses: If you are taking undergraduate classes and you would like to apply those to column advancement (no more than 20 units), you must submit this form (download: Column Advancement Request) to It will take up to 1-month for a response.
Planning for Future PD
  • Don’t forget that you can apply for professional development funding through your college committees, propose workshops or activities for the mid-semester flex days (Th., 3/21/19), and work with your departments through program review to make plans for future professional development. AND, if you’d like to propose an online Staff Development Office Hour discussion, don’t hesitate to contact me at

Have a great spring term!


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College Flex Day Agendas: Friday, 1/18/19

15 January 2019

Here are the agendas for each of our college flex days! Thanks to all of the chairs and committees for their hard work!


Friday, January 18, 2019


Berkeley City College Flex Agenda

College of Alameda Flex Agenda

Laney College Flex Agenda

Merritt College Flex Agenda

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College Flex Day Agendas (Th., 10/25/18)

18 October 2018

Agendas for College Flex Days below

Berkeley City College Flex Agenda DRAFT (10/25/18)

College of Alameda Flex Agenda (10/25/18)

Laney Flex Agenda (10/25/18)

Merritt Flex Agenda (10/25/18)

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Fall 2018 College Flex Day Agendas (8/17/18)

16 August 2018

College Flex Day Schedules, Friday, August 17, 2018
Merritt College

Laney College (DRAFT)

College of Alameda

Berkeley City College





aug1718_flex_day_draft_schedule (1)

August 172018 Flex Day Schedule (1)

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Fall 2018 District Flex Day (Th., 8/16/18)

13 August 2018

A quick summary of the District Flex Day on Thursday, August 16, 2018:

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Fall 2017 Flex

7 June 2018

Here’s the agenda for the August 17, 2017 District Flex Day: Flex Day Agenda 17Aug2017

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Spring 2018 Midterm Flex (March 22, 2018)

20 March 2018

Hello Peralta!

Please remember that Thursday, March 22nd colleges will be holding flex days with a range of opportunities for everyone. Please remind students that classes will be cancelled, so faculty, administration, and staff can participate in plenaries, workshops, and other professional development activities. Be on the lookout for detailed college agendas soon!

Thursday, March 22nd Flex Highlights:


  • Peralta Federation of Teachers will present the current SCOUS case, Janus v. AFSCME, and in the afternoon will assemble 400 kits for children staying in the Intensive Care Unit of Children’s Hospital. Contact Hillary  Altman, PFT’s Membership Chair at to join.

  • Faculty Obligation:  PFT Contract, Appendix A.5


Other Events, Links, and Opportunities:

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Spring 2018 Flex Day

8 March 2018

What to add? Images from heyman?

Spring 2018 PCCD Flex Day Program

Flex Day Spring 2018

PCCD_Chancellor Flex Day Talking Points_20180111_v4JC

College Flex Day Agendas

Berkeley City College January 2018 Flex Day Agenda

Laney College January 2018 Flex Day Agenda

Merritt College January 2018 Flex Day Agenda



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Spring 2017 District Flex

6 January 2017

Here are the presentations and documents mentioned during the District session, Jan, 18, 2017:

General Flex Day Spring 2017

Flex Day 2017 Undocumented Students

PCCD Resolution Signed

Resources for Undocumented Studentsv3

BCC Flex Day Spring


College Flex Days: Thursday, Jan. 19/Friday, Jan. 20

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