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Staff Development Office News: Tu, 11/6/18

6 November 2018

Hi Peralta,
This week, we’re taking a closer look at mental health with two amazing events at Laney and BCC after both COA and Merritt viewed Resilience this term AND an office hour on lowering the costs of textbooks through Open Educational Resources.
This week’s highlights on mental health:
A few other tidbits:
  • Propose a workshop for the pre-term flex days? Make a proposal here:
    • Theme: Working Together. Possible topics: equity, pedagogy and reading, initiatives, inquiries, social justice, resilience, classified professionals, etc.!
  • This week’s SDO Office Hour: Open Educational Resources (Th, 12:15 pm)
Weekly Online Discussions
This Week’s Conversation: Thursday, 12:15 pm

OER/Open Educational Resources: What is it and how can it lower the cost of college for students?
A team across the district has been developing OER resources and will discuss what OER looks like and how you might go about adopting low-cost or no-cost options for your textbooks.
Guest: Andrew Park (Physics, COA) (or phone: (646)876-9923. Meeting ID: 787 346 295.


Want to learn how to Zoom? (Zoom Trainings)

Peralta Events
Other Staff Development Resources
Other Articles, Events, and Links
Canvas Discussions
Enroll with this link (Enroll in Staff Development Canvas) and then join any of these discussions:

A quick primer on Communities of Practice


Some inspiration (and a call for mindfulness) in this short article on test scores and mindfulness: 

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Staff Development Office News: Tu, 10/30/18

30 October 2018

Hello Peralta,
How do we have difficult discussions about the news or our students’ struggles? This guide from Vanderbilt (Difficult Dialogues) might be a good place to start. Or, maybe our colleagues can inspire us as they organize a Teach-In on Housing (today!), create an on-going discussion on Mental Health in the Hood (W, 11/7), or initiate a conference onSolidarity and Mental Health (F, 11/9). 
Here’s the latest news from the Staff Development Office on Tuesday, 10/30/18.
College Flex Day Highlights (remember to fill out your evaluations!)

  • COA: Presentation on Guided Pathways by Mary Shaughnessy
  • Merritt: Screening on Resilience with a discussion led by Stefani de Vito and Hilary Altman
  • Laney: Screening and Discussion of Talking Black in America and a smorgasbord of after workshops, including Study Skills, Graphic Arts, Culturally Humble Teaching and Service
  • BCC: A continuation of the campus discussion, From Conflict to Collaboration, and a round-robin plenary with a focus on guided pathways.


Merritt College watching Resilience (left). Mary Shaughnessy and Sabeen Sandhu (PDC Chair) at COA’s flex day program (right).
Weekly Online Discussions
This Week’s Conversation: Thursday, 12:15 pm

How can we improve meetings? We spend a great deal of time in meetings discussing ideas, but often they feel pointless. How do we re-think how we spend our time together? (or phone: (646)876-9923. Meeting ID: 787 346 295.

Peralta Events
Other Staff Development Resources
Other Articles, Events, and Links
Canvas Discussions
Enroll with this link (Enroll in Staff Development Canvas) and then join any of these discussions:

A quick primer on Communities of Practice


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Teach-In: Voting and Housing Insecurity (T, 10/30/18, Laney)

23 October 2018

Please see the attached flyer about the Oct. 30 teach-in about Voting and Housing Insecurity.

A group of faculty, students, staff and community members have been building a Laney chapter of the new Poor People’s Campaign through our Teach-In planning committee. Since spring of 2016, they have held  teach-ins each semester to talk with the community about social and political issues affecting the Oakland community, including Peralta students, faculty and staff.(

They invite you to attend the next Teach-In on 10/30: Pipeline to Housing and Education Security: Building Unity for the Power We Need.

Faculty, please consider bringing your classes or offering extra credit to students to attend.

Data suggests that at least 14% of Peralta students are homeless. The number of those who worry about housing stability each month is far higher.  What’s the role of our government in meeting the basic needs of the people, such as housing?  Does voting make a difference?

We hope you and your students can come out on Tues., Oct. 30 from 9:30 am-1:30 pm. at the Student Center at Laney College.

The Teach-In is co-sponsored by the Poor Peoples Campaign Teach-In Committee, the Women’s Economic Agenda Project, Associated Students of Laney College (ASLC), and the Umoja-UBAKA Student Success Community at Laney.

Featured Speakers:

John Jones III is currently the Director of Community and Political Engagement for the East Oakland Black Cultural Zone, and is also on staff for The Dellums Institute for Social Justice.As a father of three and born and raised in East Oakland, John is also formerly incarcerated, and has spent over 14 years behind bars in the California Youth Authority and state prison. After being paroled in 2012, John went unemployed for eighteen months and was homeless. John became involved in community organizing and advocacy to empower himself and others. John uses his personal story of pain, trauma, faith and transformation to inspire young people as well as fight for policy change.

Sandy Perry has been a lifelong community activist and justice advocate, especially after moving to San Jose in 1990. In 1991, Sandy joined both the Affordable Housing Network and what is now known as CHAM Deliverance Ministry, and has been an active volunteer in both ever since. He currently serves as CHAM’s Outreach Minister and a tenant organizer and president of Affordable Housing Network. Over the years, Sandy has participated in countless marches, demonstrations, sit-ins, speak-outs, teach-ins, building takeovers, and tent cities.

~ See attached flyer and educational materials ~

(some attached; some linked below)

Attached and listed below are educational materials instructors may want to use with their classes to prepare for the teach-in

1) “Here’s how the Poor People’s Campaign aims to finish what MLK started” from LA Times. An article about the new Poor Peoples Campaign. (attached)

2)The Fundamental Principles of the Poor People’s Campaign (attached)

3) “Homeless U: How Students Study and Survive on the Streets”A link to a radio show about homeless students that includes a Laney College student.

4) Oakland and Berkeley Homeless Sweeps May be Unconstitutional”.

5)  “Still Hungry and Homeless in College”, the full report by the Hope Lab (long report-attached- you can assign excerpts)

We hope you find these materials helpful in talking with your students about the significance and possible solutions for housing insecurity and homelessness in Oakland and the surrounding areas today. Your students probably have much personal knowledge they can share on the topics as well.

SEE YOU ON OCT. 30!  9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Laney Student Center, 3rd floor


Some History of the 1967-68 Poor Peoples Campaign 

with Martin Luther King

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18 September 2018

On Friday, September 7, 2018, Rupinder Bhatia set up an online webinar on the integration of Canvas and Here’s the video:


The integration seems to only support plagiarism checking software and will not allow for the use of self-created rubrics or comments on papers. So, if you plan on giving feedback on essays through, you still may need to have students submit directly through

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Column Advancement Requests

11 September 2018

After being hired, faculty can take courses to move up columns (A – E) for salary or pay rate increase:

Column A = Master’s degree

Column B = 45 units above a Bachelor’s degree

Column C = + 60 or more

Column D = + 75 or more

Column E = + 90 or more OR Doctorate degree  

*For graduate level courses, submit official transcripts directly to HR for review.  For undergraduate level courses, a maximum of 20 units can be applied to column advancement AND additional approval is required (see form below).  See below for instructions:

…more Column Advancement Requests

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Faculty Evaluations

30 August 2018

Evaluations are one of most important and yet tenuous faculty-to-faculty interactions. Most instructional faculty receive little to no pedagogical training, and most receive almost no training in conducting evaluation of peers. And, yet, formal faculty evaluations are one of the most high-stakes tools we use to understand the quality of faculty interaction and success with our students. 

A few studies have shown the limitations of student evaluations (“An Evaluation of Course Evaluations” and “Flawed Evaluations”) while others have created inventories to look more broadly on an instructor’s effectiveness (“A Better Way to Evaluate Undergraduate Teaching”). In Spring 2013, the state Academic Senate came up with this report, “Sound Principles for Faculty Evaluation,” espousing the need for candid conversations founded in cultures of trust, especially when making “hard decisions.”

In 2015, Peralta’s faculty union (PFT 1603) and District Academic Senate (DAS) jointly approved an inquiry into faculty evaluations. Representatives conducted a survey, held focus groups, and eventually drafted an outline of suggested practices for evaluation of face-to-face instructional faculty: Draft of Suggested Practices for Faculty Evaluations (Face-to-Face Instruction).

While that was a great start, we still need to create such an outline for non-instructional faculty and for fully online classes. In addition, it seems that more frequent formative (and informal) evaluations from a number of data points might help faculty review and improve their practice with more regularity and rigor.

For more information on Peralta’s faculty evaluation, please visit this site:

Faculty Evaluations Handbook & Forms

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California Academy of Sciences Discount

7 August 2018

Peralta CAS_Flyer_15

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One Peralta, One Book

2 May 2018

At the core of any college experience, no matter your major or goal, reading plays a central role.

In order to highlight our reading, I’m hoping that we can select a single book for the district for the 2017-2018 year to encourage curricular collaboration and projects, and to provide support around improving our students abilities to read and decode texts through an approach like Reading Apprenticeship.

Use this nomination form to add a book that we can vote on: One Peralta, One Book (18-19).

Other Resources:


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Teaching and Learning Center Symposium, BCC

27 April 2018

On Friday, April 26, 2018, Berkeley City College held an intimate discussion of various Teaching and Learning Center projects. Here’s a summary of the schedule:

TLC Symposium Schedule of Events 4-27-2018

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Technology Leadership for Student Success

11 February 2013

Registration is open for the CISOA/Ellucian Conference “Technology Leadership for Student Success” ! Please visit our website at to register.


The CISOA/Ellucian conference dates are March 10-12, 2013 in Monterey. This year we have an exciting opportunity to work in partnership with Ellucian and offer many topics of interest to our membership and districts.  This is an amazing opportunity to network with colleagues, learn about the latest technology, and discuss supporting our students.  This conference will contain CCC specific sessions similar to those you would find at Ellucian Live.


Just addedCounselor Birds of a Feather and Training on DegreeWorks – And its free!!


See attached program for details.


In addition, conference Mobile Apps are now available and program information is continually being added/updated. You will receive current information and have the information you need at your fingertips. All sessions will be mapped to the property map, and all exhibitors will be mapped to the exhibit hall floor plan. Visit the App Store for iOS devices, Google Play for Droid devices. Type in cisoa2013 Other devices go to: after February 15th.

Hotel reservations: Once you have completed registration for the conference, you will receive a CONFIRMATION/INVOICE that includes the link to the HYATT RESERVATION SYSTEM where a page has been specifically set up for members to make their reservations with the special $110 rate for the first 250 reservations.

Due to our current economic climate your CISOA board wants to help defray some of the costs of attending. We have lowered the registration fee from last year for attendees of our conference. We are providing this special discount on the hotel costs as well.


Please visit our website to register.


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