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SDO Office Hour: Maker Spaces and Mentalities (Th, 4/11/19)

18 April 2019

The Bay Area has had a number of Maker Faires that merge DIY initiative and ingenuity with artistic play and creativity. In Peralta, we have two Maker Spaces, one at COA ( and another at Laney (  To get a better sense of what these labs offer our campuses, Maria Guzman gave us a tour through Zoom to give us a quick tour of the COA FabLab: Video Tour of COA FabLab (1)  and . Video Tour of COA FabLab (2).

What I saw was amazing! Students and staff had fabricated tables, created add-ons to bicycle bags, and worked on large-scale art projects, but more importantly the space embodied an ethos of engagement and inclusivity that was clear in the energy that each of the speakers shared.

I left our discussion wondering how we might a Maker ethos (questioning, engaging, creating) into more of the work that we do. Or, in other words: how do we have a little more fun solving problems with energy, collaboration, and ingenuity.





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Staff Development Office Hour: Guided Pathways Debrief (Th., 3/14/19)

14 March 2019

On Thursday, March 14, 2019, during a discussion of the Guided Pathways initiatives at our four colleges, we asked a number of excellent questions and gathered resources that might help others understand the initiative, the research, and ways to move forward with the work. Thanks to Catherine Nichols and Stefani deVito for many of the materials!

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SDO Office Hours: How to Improve Meetings (Th, 11/1/18)

1 November 2018

Presenter: Scott Hoshida

Interested in a workshop, please contact the presenter!

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Staff Development Online Office Hours: Fall 2018

30 October 2018

In Fall 2018, the Staff Development Office began piloting online office hours each Thursday from 12:15 – 1:15 pm.

Fall 2018 Office Hours (topics, agendas, and notes)

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