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AC Transit EasyPass

The Fall 2017 Peralta EasyPass is valid from:

August 15, 2017- January 27, 2018

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How do I order an EasyPass?


All Peralta students who meet the following qualifications will receive an EasyPass at their home campus Cashier’s Office:

  1. Must be enrolled in 6 units *
  2. Must have paid the $41 AC Transit fee
  3. Must have a Peralta student ID card

***After these three steps have been completed, AC Transit will create the EasyPass card and mail to the Campus Cashier’s Office in 7 business days***

EasyPasses for the Fall2017 semester will be available in the Cashier’s Office by Monday, August 14 if you complete steps 1-3   by August 1. After this date, all EasyPass orders will arrive after 7 business days.

Picking up your EasyPass


    1. Visit the Cashier’s Office
    2. Present your Student ID card and receive your EasyPass

   ***EasyPass cards that have not been obtained at the Cashier’s Office after one year (two academic semesters) will be mailed back to AC Transit***

  1.  If your EasyPass was mailed back to AC Transit, you must contact the Clipper Customer Service Center at (877) 878-8883 to order a replacement
    1. Call the Clipper customer service automated line
    2. Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish or 3 for Chinese
    3. After selecting your language, please press 2
    4. If you already know your Clipper card serial number please enter it now followed by the # sign.
    5. If you do not know your Clipper card serial number press 2
    6. To order a replacement card press 1
    7. Then, press 0 to order a replacement card from a live operator
    • Identify yourself as a Peralta EasyPass student
    • Confirm your home address where the replacement card will be mailed
    • Pay the $5 replacement charge via credit/debit card
    • Request a confirmation number
    • Your replacement order is now complete
    • Please wait 7 business days for your new card to arrive

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your EasyPass, please contact the cashier’s office on campus or the AC Transit, EasyPass Site Coordinator:

Matthew Jones at (510) 466-7381

When to call the Clipper Customer Service Center (877) 878-8883:

A. Your card was lost, stolen, or damaged.
B. You never received a Clipper card after one year.
C. To register your card in case it becomes lost or stolen.

 My Card was lost, stolen, or damaged!!!

7. If you have a lost, stolen, or damaged EasyPass card, please contact the Clipper Customer Service and follow the instructions from step 6 above.
*Students must maintain 6 units throughout the entire semester to keep an active EasyPass. Dropping below 6 units will result in the deactivation of your EasyPass. Students must drop their classes before the refund deadline to receive an AC Transit fee refund.



AC Transit Fee Information:

Proposition A, which was passed in the May 2009 student elections, requires all Peralta students carrying nine or more units to pay an AC Transit EasyPass bus pass fee of $36, thereby making them eligible to receive an AC Transit EasyPass bus pass. With EasyPass you can ride all AC Transit bus lines, including local and Transbay service, at all times.

Please note: This fee is non refundable unless you drop below nine (9) units on or before the last day to drop full-term credit classes and receive a refund. See deadline dates in the Academic Calendar.     


Frequently Asked Questions


To learn more about AC Transit and your EasyPass:


AC Transit Home Page

AC Transit EasyPass Page

How do I use my Clipper Card?

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Maps and Schedules

AC Transit Customer Services

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Pass Production Flow Chart 

EasyPass UserGuide


Destination Maps for all Peralta Colleges:


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                                                                          Contact Information

Peralta EasyPass Site CoordinatorMatthew JonesPhone: (510) 466-7381 Email: easypass@peralta.eduWebsite: Clipper Customer Service CenterPhone: (877) 878-8883FAX: (925) 686-8221Email: custserv@clippercard.comWebsite:
AC Transit
Clipper Customer Service Center Hours
Mon-Fri, 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sat-Sun, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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