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Waitlists for DYN Classes-Pilot

Spring 2016 Pilot Project


  • This pilot will run at all 4 colleges for ESL, CIS, and ENGL course during Spring 2016
  • Waitlists for Lec/Lab classes will be linked to the Lab component. A student will automatically enroll from the waitlist into both, the Lab and corresponding Lec for the class.
  • Waitlist will closed on the last day to add a class (day before Census), NOT the day before the first day of class. This is due to the fact that DYN classes start and end through semester; which means that this day will be different for each DYN class.
  • The waitlist process will run nightly. Once the class is full it is marked as closed and only students from the waitlist may be enrolled in the class. This process is automatic, but only happens once a day: If a student drops from the class at 10:00 a.m., the class will remain closed until the waitlist process runs at the end of the day. Students from the waitlist are moved enrolled in the class by their priority ranking, and, if there are still any spaces available, the class will re-open.
  • A student can be waitlisted for multiple sections, but they cannot pick their preference. The waitlist process will enroll them into the first available seat according to descending course number. Once the student is enrolled in a class, he/she will be dropped from all the other waitlists for the same course.
  • A student can be enrolled and waitlisted for different sections of the same course. However, if a space becomes available on the waitlisted class the student must drop him/herself from the enrolled class. Otherwise, he/she will not be moved from the waitlist.
  • Students can drop themselves from a waitlist via their Student Center.
  • Once a student is enrolled in the class they are removed from the waitlist.
  • Faculty cannot modify the waitlist, but they have access to view waitlisted students for their classes via their Faculty Center.


Reasons why a student on the waitlist does not get enrolled in the class:
  • If adding the class puts the student over his/her allowed academic load
  • The course has pre-requisites or co-requisites that have not been met by the student
  • The student has registration holds
  • The class time conflicts with another class the student is enrolled
  • The student has previously taken the course

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