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2009 Recommendation 1 (Board and District Administration) and 2010 Recommendations

1.1 a-f PBI: Survey and Survey Results evaluating the first year of the PBI process (5 files)

2.1       PBI: Process Team Agenda – June 21, 2010

3.1 a-b PBI Short-term Goals

4.1       All PBI documents for the work of 2009-2010 can be found at: 

    (binder available onsite)

5.1       All PBI documents for the work of 2010-2011, including Summit 2010, can be found at: (binder available onsite)

Includes: PBI Overview; PBI Timeline and Goals; PBI Meeting Calendar; PBI

            Short-Term Goals and Objectives; PBI Committee Membership; Peralta ACCJC

           Report; District-wide Strategic Plan; District-wide Educational Master Plan; Unit

            Plan Samples; Program Review Sample; Program Review Summaries from the

            four colleges; PBI Survey Questions; PBI Survey Summary.

6.1 a-b GB: May 25, 2010 agenda: Change in General Counsel’s Job Description

7.1 a-f GB: June 10, 2010 Training agenda, for accreditation purposes (6 files)

8.1 a-b GB: Board Resolution regarding differentiating Board and CEO Roles

9.1       GB: July 20, 2010 Meeting Minutes – resolve that the Inspector General reports to the Chancellor

10.1     GB: Resolution 09/10-52 (Addressing Board Code of Conduct Policy and Board Training)

11.1     GB: Board Policy 1.06: Board of Trustees Code of Ethics and Behavior (Last reviewed December 2008)

12.1     GB: Board Policy 1.05: Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees (Last

            reviewed September 2008)

13.1     GB: Proposed revision to Board Policy 1.05: Duties and Responsibilities of the

             Board of Trustees

14.1     GB: Board Presentation on Organizational Restructuring of the District Office,

            July 19, 2010

15.1          GB: Board Policy: 1.21 Board Committees

16.1     GB: Board of Trustees Special Training Workshop agenda, September 14, 2010

17.1     GB: Worksheet from the September 14, 2010 Board Training

18.1 a-b GB: Policy Review Committee Agenda and Minutes, July 22, 2010

19.1     GB: CCLC Report on the 9-14-10 Board Training

20.1     District Function Guide/Manual of District Functions

20.1 District Function Guide/Manual of District Functions

  • Peralta Community College District

    The District comprises four colleges serving northern Alameda County.