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ACCJC Requested Items for Virtual Visit 10.18-10.19

  1. Copy of the Draft:  A BOT committee was formed, the Student Success and Accreditation Committee (SSA). The committee met March 2, April 15, and June 17, 2021, and presented the draft, Charter for the Trustee Student Success and Accreditation Committee for the Peralta Colleges [III.A.2]
    03 02 21 BSSAC Meeting Minutes
    04 15 21 BSSAC Meeting Minutes
    Agenda SSA 7 17 21
    Agenda SSA 10 7 21
    Budget and SSA Committee Information March 2021
    CHARTER Student Success and Accreditation March 2021
    Impact of COVID at Peralta CCD 2-11-2-21
    Student Success & Acred original charge March 21

  2. Minutes from the July 2021 Board Retreat
    Board Retreat July 2021

  3. Copy of either the draft or final proposal: The BP/AP Taskforce discussed the need to update many BP’s. This BP and the conflicting BP 7110 was noted by Peer Review Team Report (March 2021) and will go forward to the Board with a draft proposal in September
    9.03 BP 7110 Update Research
    BP 7110 Delegation of Authority Human Resources Comparisions & Recommendations
    BP 7110-Delegation-of-Authority-for-Human-Resouces
    Sept 14 2021 Board Agenda

  4. Copy of draft: August 2021 – Draft of AP 2410 submitted to September Board Review [VI.D.1]
    AP 2410 Policy Development Process
    Sept 28 2021 Board Agenda

  5. Updated Policy and Procedure Tracking Matrix
    Updated Policy and Procedure Tracking Matrixv2

  • Peralta Community College District

    The District comprises four colleges serving northern Alameda County.