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Follow-Up Report & Documentation (April 1, 2011)


Follow-Up Report

ACCJC Follow-Up Report 4-1-11
An Open Letter from Chancellor to Our Colleges Students and Community

Statement On Budget Reduction Planning


Links to Documentation


Link 1:

2009 Team Recommendation 1: Board and District Administration (District services and functional responsibilities)

Recommendation 4 (1-31-11): Institutionalizing Processes


Link 2:

Recommendation 1 (1-31-11): Role of the Board of Trustees and Board Committees

Recommendation 3 (1-31-11): Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

Activity Request #5: Training of the Governing Board regarding Financial Role


Link 3:

2009 Team Recommendation 2: Management Systems

Recommendation 4 (1-31-11): Institutionalizing Processes

Activity Request #1: Status of non-financial management system modules


Link 4:

2009 Team Recommendation 3: Financial Resources and Technology

Recommendation 2 (1-31-11): Corrective Action Matrix, OPEB bond, and Budget Update

Activity Request #1: Status of financial management system modules

Activity Request #2: Update on OPEB

Activity Request #3: Status of corrective action plans


Link 5:

Activity Request #4: Status of the Chancellor Search Process

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