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2016 Dependent Eligibility Audit

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Audit window begins September 16 ended November 11,  2016.

  1. 2016 Initial Announcement 9/9/16 mailed to active benefit eligible employees and retirees
  2. 2016 Dependent Eligibility Audit Frequently Asked Questions #1-16
  3. 2016 Dependent Eligibility Documentation-Matrix
  4. 2016 Dependent Eligibility Audit Generic-Package 
  5. Dependent Eligibility Audit (DEA) Frequently Asked Questions # 17-20. A supplement to FAQ’s # 1-16 distributed on September 9, 2016
  6. Status update to non-respondents as of October 24, 2016
  7. 2016 Dependent Eligibility Audit (DEA) Frequently Asked Question #21
  8. If you missed the 11/11/16 deadline here are your next steps complete and submit the following forms: What are my next steps if I missed the 11/11/16 deadline?

Dependent Eligibility Audit (DEA) Update:

Over 900 audits were initiated and over 800 responses were received. The District Benefits Office will continue its outreach efforts to the non-respondents. Remember, the purpose of the audit is not to drop dependents. The purpose of the audit is to ensure that eligible dependents continue to meet the eligibility criteria. Please be assured that eligible dependents will not be dropped if documents were not received after the November 11, 2016 deadline. Visit the DEA website for more information.


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