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Voluntary Benefits

TSA Consulting Group, Inc (TSACG)

403(b) & 457(b) Plan Administration Provider

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New 403(b) Plan and 457(b) Plan Contribution Plan Limits

2020 Calendar year contribution limits the  403(b) and the 457(b)  plans have increased to $19,500. Other limits may apply. Check with your financial planner or tax consultant for limits appropriate to your circumstances.

Tax-deferred 403(b) & 457(b) Plan Documents

Peralta Community College District CA 457(b) Plan Document

Peralta Community College District CA 403(b) Plan Document

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TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSACG) – Key Contact List

403(b) & 457(B) Plan Information for Employees & Advisors link (context below)

Locating a SRA form

Transaction Routing Form


MidAmerica is the current vendor of the Accumulation Program for-Part Time and Limited-Service Employees  (APPLE) Plan. For concerns regarding the APPLE contributions, contact MidAmerica at 800 430 7999.



Cigna Voluntary Term Life Insurance

VSP Voluntary Vision Benefits Summary


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