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Peralta Colleges Board of Trustees Votes to Approve Contract for New Chancellor, José M. Ortiz, Ed.D.

13 June 2012. 1 comment

The Board of Trustees of the Peralta Community College District voted last night at its regular Board meeting to approve the contract for a new Chancellor, José M. Ortiz, Ed.D.

The Board previously approved Dr. Ortiz’s appointment in May.

“Dr. Ortiz is a seasoned senior administrator with a unique set of skills that make him ideally suited to lead the Peralta Colleges,” said Board of Trustees President Cy Gulassa.

The contract, which is posted on the Peralta Colleges Website, outlines a compensation package for Dr. Ortiz that includes a base annual salary of $260,000 as well as an annual $25,000 District-paid retirement contribution. This compensation package ranks Dr. Ortiz sixth in compensation for Bay Area community college chancellors and tenth statewide.

A detailed press release originally announcing Dr. Ortiz appointment, which includes biographical information, is available on the Peralta Website.

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  1. Richard Solomon says:

    I realize that the deal is already done. But I must object to the decision to hire Dr. Ortiz at this salary and with these benefits. With continuing funding challenges, furloughs of faculty and staff, much higher tuition fees, and huge cutbacks on class offerings it is hard to fathom how someone could be hired at such a high salary, etc.
    Yes, skilled administrators are needed to lead the colleges through these difficult times.I have heard the argument before when the UC Regents voted to increase salaries of attorneys and others because it was supposedly the only way to attract ‘quality people.’
    But what message does this send to faculty, staff, and students: it is okay for all of you to struggle while ‘the big bosses’ continue to get paid ‘the big bucks?’ I wish I could say I am surprised. But in these days when everyone in authority is mainly only looking out for themselves this is really pretty predictable.

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